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I have edited on this wiki for: May 28 2010 03:53 UTC

The Draziw, commonly shortened to Draz, is a creative name derived from reversing the word Wizard. While the majority of player do not instantly differentiate the name's meaning, those who do eventually grasp the concept of the backward wizard immediately understand The Draziw's primary nick name, Boon. Intended as a term of endearment, Draz's friends and clan mates frequently use terms associated with "Boon" & "Noob" when describing Draziw, and his consistent appreciation for less experienced player, humility regardless of excessive experience, and continued affirmation of his "noobness" regardless of his influence throughout aspects of the Runescape community has earned him a fond reputation befitting of the nickname's true english meaning.

BOON: noun: Something to be thankful for; blessing; benefit.


Through out The Draziw's long runescape career he has had significant contributions to various communities; functioning as a founder for multiple successful clans, having been featured on the Main Page of, being a player moderator, hosting Quest Fest, operating as chief editor for the Runescape Tribune, and co-running the "Event Thugs United" are some of his most noticeable contributions.

Belief in Government

Governments are non-tangible. They cannot be touched or seen. The only evidence of a government's existence is its recognition from its citizens. The consequence of this realization, is that a government cannot be a government unless its followers believe it is. Who then is more important, a government or its citizens?

The simple fact of the matter is, if I, The Draziw, lead a clan- I can only act as a leader with as much authority as my followers allow. If I act in a manner that my fellow clansmen would disagree with, then I will have no authority. And no followers.

Leadership, Government, Clan Operation- these are simply the acts of taking the demands of the members, and fulfilling the demands as best as possible. When you lead, you are given responsibility to help do what others ask you to do. So in a true government, the leaders are the followers, not the other way around.

To summarize what I have said above, Clans exist because the members retain membership, and leaders lead, only if they follow the needs of their members. A successful clan is one that gives what its members need, and a successful leader is someone who realizes that there is no clan without its members.

~ The Draziw

Runescape History

Draziw has had a long history in runescape. He has participated in a long list of clans as well as other communities throughout the game.


The Draziw joined Runescape in March of 2001 after being introduced to the game by a friend in real life. Playing the game with a group of ~10 friends in the real world, Draz participated in the initial phases of Runescape Classic, playing during the era of worldwide PvP, completing Shield of Arrav without a partner (yes it was possible) and training skills in the archaic game play of Classic. Given the lack of "user-friendliness" in the initial game design most of Draziw's Real-World-Friends became inactive but Draziw continued to play, deciding to extend towards the game community.

2002 "Ganja Rech"

Motivated by the increasing decline of Real-World-Friend (RWF) participation, The Draziw sought out an organized community within the game. Gaming Clans had existed in the Beta of Runescape, and existed throughout all of Draziw's participation in the game. He decided to join a newer community "Ganja Rech" Where he spent the next year Pking, skilling, and playing the game with an organized community dedicated to providing clan services both in-game and in external areas.

2003 "Organized Entropy"

Ganja Rech was a nice community, but limited to IRC and a basic Free offsite. Given the quantity and quality of time spent in game, Draz began looking for a community that had a more advanced infrastructure in place. Draziw's first choice was to join The Sabers, a clan that had existed since Runescape's creation. Draziw found the community in The Sabers lacking, and so joined another long established clan, Organized Entropy, two weeks later.

Organized Entropy was Draziw's first experience with a Clan Company. Prior to the establishment of the Grand Exchange, obtaining food, armor, and supplies required a significant amount of time, and often resulted in a loss of profit. With no standardized values for goods, a player would often pay 100gp for coal on day one, 150gp on day two, and 130gp on day three. This variability made prediction and planning difficult AND severely slowed down training time.

Organized entropy functioned as an organization system for skillers, merchants, and killers. When any item was obtained, it would be listed via the Clan's offsite, and functioning like Ebay, the item could be sold easily.

The offsite, community, events, and company system of the clan was a very good system, and Draziw participated for nearly 15 months into mid 2004.


In April of 2004 Organized Entropy was closed by its leadership. Draziw joined a multitude of clans (Mostly PK Clans) being a member with Cupid's Arrows, Paladins of Rage, and [The Followers of] Forgotten Lores. Draziw would spend a day or a week with different clans, of various types- only to observe the better parts of every community.

Using his observations, in June 2005, Draziw formed his first clan "The Flaming Angels".

2005 "The Flaming Angels"

The Flaming Angels were founded June 13th, 2005. They closed June 16th 2005! (lol) The clan was formed as a Player Killing Clan for use in the wilderness.  When it was founded it had 10 founders, and none of them could agree on the best way to organize the clan and play the game as a group. 

When the Flaming Angels failed as miserably as it did, Draziw quit playing with clans for a short time.  He went off to world 66 and ran lawrunes with a few players from the disbanded Organized Entropy.  When Jagex announced a clan cup event, the scattered remnants of OE gathered under the name "The W66ers".

2005-2008 "The W66ers"

The Jagex Clan Cup was a disorganized competition intended to show that Jagex supported the various player communities that had evolved within the game. When the Cup occurred in November 2005, there were no in-game friend chats (so clans had to use IRC). There was no Clan Cloak, or PVP capes to help differentiate between clans, it was chaos. When the call to arms was made, The W66ers, or "66ers" decided to show up and cause problems.

Because of the extreme money made in Organized Entropy, the key players of OE that now comprised the majority of 66ers were very wealthy, and also very high level. This was important because most players had not complete Desert Treasure when the Clan Cup began, and the players of The W66ers had. They crushed all the other clans and took the first clan cup.

After that, the W66ers were well known in the community as combat experts and an organized clan. Draziw participated in the 66ers, and learned a lot about clan government. The 66ers were a democratic clan, with leaders being elected once every 3 months. Draziw was voted to "Vice-President" and held that office off and on throughout the clan's existence.

To give an explanation of the influence the W66ers had in the runescape community, when the Wilderness removal update was made and PVP was removed from the game, the riot happened on w66, because that was the home of the strongest and most famous PK clan at the time.

Draziw stayed with the clan from its founding until it closed in February of 2008. After a long period of success, it became apparent to the core of The W66ers that the clan's success had caused many players to join the clan who weren't 66ers material. So the core disbanded the clan and moved on to another endeavor. Because PVP had recently been removed from the game, the core membership of OE & 66er decided to try reverting to the old clan structure of OE and began market manipulation communities. In a subtle attempt at humor, the new clan took the name "The Prods" as a slight at the PKers Pures (called prods) who could no longer PK in the game.

2008 "The Prods"

Draziw Co-Founded the prods in February of 2008 with members from the W66ers and began working on a market manipulation clan that could effect the dynamics of the daily operations of the Grand Exchange (a semi-recently added feature into the game). The prods were a non-exclusive clan, so many members participated in multiple clans while playing with the Prods. A few split of groups formed including well known groups like: Smoking Mils, Merch Hard, and GPKings.

In June of 2008, the Prods posted a video online of 1000 white Phats being High Alched "for the lulz" as a display of the Prod's success in market control.

In August of 2008 Draziw resigned as an officer from the Prods, and while maintaining a semi-active role as a member with the clan, moved on to participate in a few other community endeavors.

2008 "The Church of Saradomin" & "The Knights of the Abyss"

While still participating as a Prod, Draziw joined The Church of Saradomin, his first true clan experience with a "community clan." CoS had no real in-game requirements, and the community was comprised solely of individuals who liked "pretending to be zealots" and playing the game together with like minded players. After playing with the community for a while, Draz moved on to find other communities.

Shortly after participating in the Church of Saradomin, Draziw moved on to PvM clan- The Knights of the Abyss (founded by Soldier 1033 (one of the Runescape Clan Wiki Administrators!)). The Knights of the Abyss was... AWESOME! So much so that Draziw has retained frequent communication with the Knights of the Abyss ever since joining their ranks back in 2008. After playing with KOTA for a while, draziw decided to take a break from the clan community and was eventually swept from KOTA's roster due to inactivity.

2008-2009 The Runescape Tribune

After many years of non-stop participation in the clan community of Runescape, Draziw decided to try a different type of community activity on the Runescape official forums. He organized the Runescape Tribune, a community run newspaper that discussed community events, game updates, and community news.

The Tribune operated from October 2008- April 2009 with Draziw as the chief editor. Draziw resigned as chief editor to help with a new clan project in April 2009. Draziw remained as a contributor of the tribune until its eventual close during the RSOF Reshuffle of Apri 2010.

2009 The Quest Helpers

In April, 2009 Draziw was asked to Found a split-off group of the Prods. The prods (Who had since changed their name to "The Kacklers" were formally disbanded and reopened under three names: QuestHelpers, KillerElites, and Prods.

QuestHelpers- A Community Clan KillerElites- A PVP & PVM Clan Prods- A GE Manipulation Clan

Draziw formed QuestHelpers with Soiled Dove, the founder of The W66ers, as a community and quest appreciation clan. Unfortunately, after maxing, Soiled Dove became inactive and the QuestHelpers became disorganized and disfunctional by September of 2009.

2009-Present The Questing Clan of Runescape "Clan Quest"

Draziw closed QuestHelpers and opened Clan Quest in November of 2009. The clan has been extremely successful, being featured on the main page of multiple times, having Jmods as registered clan members, organizing jagex supported events, and even having their clan site recognized as an official jagex fansite.

For more information about "Clan Quest" check out This page.

As his activity in game diminished, Draz has taken a less active role in the daily operation of Clan Quest. He still maintains a leadership and advisory position with the clan, but spend most of his time with the clan arranging IRL meet ups, and having fun, rather than administrating.

Wiki History

The Draziw has edited on this wiki for: May 28 2010 03:53 UTC

First Contributions

Draz' first contributions to this wiki were almost exclusively with regard to the articles. Some other affiliate clan communities that were either allied or eventually absorbed into, including Clan:Questers,Clan:Diary Of Questers, and Clan:Wolfs Eye would get minor attention. With the help of User:Stargate 277 and User:Soldier 1033 Draz learned the basic code, and wiki policy.

When the wikia staff released "Badges" into the wiki. Draz started editing on articles outside his own clan interests. While the badges did create a problem within the community wherein new editors would spam the wiki with new edits, it did create a culture of contribution, and Draz was one of the new community members to join the wiki project because of the badges.

"Content Sweep" Project

Following the removal of the Badges from the wiki, total edits and contributions declined. However, realizing the need for a resource center for the clan community, Draziw endeavored to begin updating the content of the wiki. Pages that were incredibly outdated were removed. Content that was unreadible edited to become more consistant and adhere to the quality standards of the wiki.

The "Namespace" Debate

Because of his regular and vast quantities of contributions within the community, the administrative staff began to recognize Draz's efforts. He was afforded rollback privileges. After a few months of regular contributions, Draz made his first suggestion of policy change.

Forum:Removing Article Prefix was a suggestion to alter the namespace headings of articles on the wiki. Given the confusion it created with new editors, the lack of need for it to clearly understand an article, etc- draz suggested that the namespaces be removed.


On October 12th, 2011, Draziw was granted sysop privileges. After that date, his need to mark pages with {{D|}} templates was diminished significantly, and the wiki's content was quickly and effectively updated.

The Anti-Expropriation Movement


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