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This page is designed and built to answer any questions you may have about The Empire, any questions that are asked about The Empire will be added, and any answer changes will be made as well. You can also find it on the Empire Forums.

Q: What is the Government type?Edit

A: The Empire is a constitutional monarchy, meaning that the Emperor/Empress don't have absolute power over clan members.

Q: Whose the leader?Edit

A: Emperor Hester (official name) Emperorhster runescape name

Q: [Forums] What do all the colors mean on people's profiles?Edit

A: The colors show where people are in the Empire with the colors being:

  • Purple: For the royal ranks of Emperor->Prince/Princess->Executive->Supreme Vizer
  • Red: Is for the Army
  • Green: Is for the Ministry of Industry
  • Blue: Is for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Yellow: Is for the World Government.
  • Orange: Is for the Central Government.
  • Black: Is for one month in-active clan members in the forums.
  • Gray: is for non clan members and foreign diplomats.

Q: Why do you still count in-actives as apart of the clan?Edit

Answer: Well because officially those in-active didn't leave, they simply went in-active in runescape, we know this cause we add clan members to our friends list to see whose on-line and they never log in.

Q: Why do some clan members have empire. in their email address?Edit

A: Well some members don't use their personal emails for contact reasons, for that reason they make one for their runescape. The Empire has empire. in ours cause that email represents The Empire, with approval from me, Emperor Hester, that the email is approved to be a reprentative email of The Empire.

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