Tormented Demon

Tormented Demon

Release Date
26th November 2008
Combat Level
Life Points
Members Only?
Immune to poison?
Always Drop
Examine Test
Lucien must be incredibly powerful if he can bind such demons to its will.

Tormented Demon bg

Tormented demons, also known as TD (plural TDs), require the completion of the While Guthix Sleeps quest to fight. They are currently the eleventh strongest monster in RuneScape.The tormented demon's body is part organic and part dragon metal. They are known for being the only monsters to drop dragon claws and the 3 parts of the dragon platebody. As you can see; its head, left arm and right leg are all made from dragon metal.

Tormented demons reside in a multicombat area, so it is possible to attack it as a team. However, there are multiple demons in the one area, so it is also possible for more than one demon to attack a player. They have very high life points, but they are demons, so their defence is only moderately high. Because these demons have had their flesh burned away, leaving their skeletal feature, these monsters are very vulnerable to crush and stab attacks.

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