Welcome to The World Unity, a clan that never dies!

We are a chill social community with all kinds of players. From comp players to players who don't even have a 99 yet, we hang out and help everyone! Our home world is 79 and anyone is welcome to guest in our clan chat. We require all potential members to have at least 2000+ total level. However, exceptions can be made to this requirement.

The World Unity loves to participate in PvP, PvM, Minigames, and all things Runescape! There's always something going in our clan chat and guests are welcome to join at our events. Do you like training skills or just afking? Thats cool too. We try to keep an Avatar out at all times so you can get those sweet gains.

What we offer: >3 Avatars >Level 7 Citadel >Active Discord Server >Minigames and PvM events >Raids (At least one group every day) >PvM teaching (all bosses and full manual) >PvP and Wildy Fun >General RS Help

Come join our family!