Origins Edit

The Spartan Kingdom was created on August 12th, 2014. The Spartan Kingdom was originally the branch of another spartan clan, The Spartan Empire, but as time passed on, Kingdom would eventually break off and form its own tree.

The five founders of the clan were: PhotonGalaxy, Shade, Dino, Seven and Photonic (leader of Empire but made it on an alt account.) PhotonGalaxy would serve to be Kingdom's first leader.

The Big Separation Edit

Proceeding a clan war with AE in Feb 2015, would come a shake up to all the Spartan clans. After a brief confrontation as emotions were high following a loss with AE, 2 of kingdom's members had a brief confrontation with 2 of empire's leaders. Which resulted in 2 of kingdom's members leaving, and Shade and Photonic would hand off the keys to all 3 clans to The Spartan Emporio's leader, ArchTito, so they could create a new clan. As Tito tried his best running 3 clans, it would prove to be difficult. The Spartan Empire had high tensions as their most beloved leaders left them and many Empire members would leave Empire to either follow Shade and Photonic, go to a new clan or join one of the other Spartas. While the Spartan Emporio remained strong since they still had there leader, it would soon collapse and shut downs in the months following after it. Empire following the months since their departure, would remain a float but would struggle for months to come, even after the return of their founder. However kingdom would rise from a branch to a strong independent clan that flourished before and after this separation.

Recruitment Edit

In a quest to seek and recruit active members, and avoid spammers within the past few months kingdom has implemented requirements in order to join. In order to join a person must have a combat level of 60 or more, or a total level of 1000 or more. We recruit pay to players and free to play players. Please see our forums for rules and such. Also for promotions, we have a point system.

Citadel/Clan Worlds/Events Edit

Citadel Edit

We currently have a Tier 5 citadel with 2 clan avatars. We are also currently working towards a Tier 6 citadel. Capping is required and also helps you get points for promotions.

Clan Worlds Edit

Our pay to play world, is World 23. Our free to play world is 29. During recruitment events, we tend to recruit on World 3 or World 2.


We tend to be more of a social clan, so expect a lot of mini games, drop parties, boss events and so forth.

Current Leadership Edit

Current Owner: iSassyPants (Name varies month to month) Edit

Deputy Owners: Fruity Salad and TSK Shadow Edit

Overseers: PrinceofEvil,Erutan,PhotonGalaxy