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The Jagex Cup is a competition between clans run by Jagex released on the 9th March, 2009. It is run though the RuneScape Forums The Cup is made up of 3 separate competitions: the Combat Cup, the Skilling Cup and the Combined Cup.

The CupsEdit

The Combat CupEdit

The Combat Cup is about combat. It is an all out war between clans and is held in F2P Clan Wars. There is no returning or cap and the winning clan is the one who is the last standing.

The Skilling CupEdit

The skilling cup is for skillers. It is set on an average points system and is about skilling as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is set over 2 weeks with a different skill each week, 5 hours must be set aside to skill.

The Combined CupEdit

The Combined Cup is set in Stealing Creation. It is a battle between the clans, with one team, emerging victorious.

The PrizeEdit

Jagex has stated that there will be a prize, though they have been very mysterious about it. All we are told is that there will be a prize, but no clues or hints have been dropped.

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