The Inner Circle is a group of some of the wealthiest players in Runescape. They meet in secrecy every few days to sell large amounts of items to each other. This prevents being slowed down by the Grand Exchange buy limits. The Inner Circle has requirements for enrollment. 

  1. The player must prove that they have exceeded the gold limit.
  2. The player must not bring others to the meetings.
  3. The player must not speak about the meetings or reveal information about other Circle members.
  4. The player is required to trade while at the meetings.
  5. The player must pay a 1 million gp entrance fee to each meeting.

Only a few members are known however one of the known leaders of The Inner Circle is Treeclimber7, well known assassin trainer. It is rumoured that other than trading, the group also meet to distribute assassination contracts. This is how the Mercenary Brotherhood receives the majority of its work. The Inner Circle also works to manipulate the prices in the Grand Exchange. If these players ever intended to, they have enough money to cause a crash in prices in the grand exchange.