What is a Territorial, Themed, Polity?

A Territorial, Themed, Polity (also referred to as TTP) is essentially a virtual micro-nation. These clans, which prefer to be known as nations, function and operate similar in comparison to real-life nations; however, they are widely limited, being restricted to the rules and mechanics of the game.

Concerning Territories, Warfare, & Alliances

These nations, similar to ones in real-life, aim to establish territorial boundaries through annexation and conquest. This, however, can sometimes lead to disagreement among neighboring nations and ultimately result in all out warfare. In which case, warfare is normally settled on the confines of an in-game Battlefield or at the discretion of the parties involved. If a territorial dispute was the main cause of the war then the victor, naturally, becomes the claimant of that given territory; unless other arrangements are made.

When it comes to forming an alliance it can be beneficial to all nations involved. Your nation may agree to offer one another mutual defense or support during times of warfare, or even economic struggle; thus establishing trade between your two nations or the nations involved.

Concerning Cultural Standard

Most clans of this classification tend to stress a special significance to having a cultural-standard, devising for themselves a unique theme or cultural-standard. This can be seen in-game through various forms play, including what is commonly known as role-play and theme-play; where a player becomes a striking embodiment of their character and national culture, acting in accordance to the norms, etiquette and their given role within their respective nation or society. This becomes even more profound on the RuneScape Boards.

Although it is largely a main aspect of these clans, it is not required of players to participate in these alternative forms of game-play.

Concerning Government

These nations aim to implore a heavy emphasis on a general style, elaborating upon every minuscule detail, including the layout of their governing system. Governing systems are different for every nation and culture; they can be basic, simple to understand, or sophisticated and complex. Some prefer having a hierarchical form of government, favoring that of a monarchy or despotism. Other nations may lead in rhythm to the voice of their people, valuing a democratic process that is ensured via a written constitution or social contract. There are many, many different forms of government; these are only a few I decided to touch upon.

In short, Territorial, Themed Polities (TTP) act as real nations of their own right.

Notable Territorial, Themed Polities:

- The Fremennik

- The Fremennik Tribes

- Realm of Rivendell

- The Kandarin Empire

Notable Communities:

- The World 60 Land Coalition

- The Fellowship of Nations

- The Community of Gielinor