A takeover clan is a type of clan that usually raids/invades/sieges towns or areas of land, then claiming it to be their own. This happens in both normal servers and in PvP Worlds, though in a PvP World, it is easier to actually control an area through combat. Once a city is captured, the clan will either try to hold the city or try to take more land, depending on the size of the clan.

Takeover clans are often also Combat clans.

Some clans make alliances with other clans and then divide land among themselves. Others use landmark cities such as Lumbridge or Varrock for their capitals, selecting locations within these cities to hold meetings and events.

Capturing a CityEdit

Capturing a city requires a clan to take over a city and have total control over it. In a PvP World, this usually means killing other people in the city. Some clans will only kill enemy clans to take control of the city, while others will kill every player in the city. However, these tasks can often be difficult and long, due the the high traffic of other players in other areas. This can be due to it being a popular area (e.g. The G.E.), a respawn point (e.g. Lumbridge) or just an easily accessed place (e.g. Falador).

Holding a CityEdit

Holding a city requires the clan to defend the city they have captured from any enemy attackers. This could be enemy clans or just individuals. The key to holding a city is to keep members in the city and members can be put on entrances to guard the taken city. If a city with a bank is taken, the clan can restock on food, potions and weapons from their bank. If Camelot, Falador or Lumbridge is taken, players can choose to respawn there to stop them from leaving when they are killed. This task can also be as hard as capturing the town in the first place, as there will be constant casualties from the City-holding clan, depending on the area the is being held.

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