Skilling Clans are clan chats that discuss the art of skilling and the prospects of its moneymaking. They are often based around one skill (such as Woodcutting), though can be about more than one skill. Some clans will be based on achieving levels (foten those going for a 99, but can be any levels). They are often started by a person who is aiming for a goal in a skill (often 99) and wants to discuss it with others.


People are usually ranked in a skilling Clan Chat based on two different things: level in the skill or activity. Some skilling Clan Chats will give higher ranks to those with a higher level in the skill (for example, a level 95 woodcutter would outrank a level 80 woodcutter). Others will base their ranks on how active and good a person is in a Clan Chat.


Skilling clans may take part in a range of activities, often skill related. Depending on the clan, skill drives and skill related events may take place on a regular basis. However, other clans let their members train the skill they choose to. Sometimes skill related minigames (such as Stealing Creation and the Fishing Trawler will be played.

Some clans will choose not to have any activities at all. These are clans that are often purely to the chat to avoid boredom while skilling, and some become very popular. Often, if a clan members is going to achieve level 99 in a skill, most of the Clan Chat members will attend to congratulate. As well as this, players will occasionally organise small, unofficial events in these Clan Chats.

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