Adhere to the Deletion policy. Most deletions fall under Runescape Clans Wiki:Speedy deletion policy

Good casesEdit

  • Maintenance purposes (merging, redirecting)
  • Per the consensus at Vfd over the page in question.
  • If a version of the page has content that can be hazardous to its users or Wikia. This includes but is not limited to: Links to unverified applications, malware, material that is illegal under United States, English, or international law, adult content and the unauthorized disclosure of personal details. Oversight should be requested for the offending edit instead of deleting the page outright, if possible.

Bad casesEdit

  • Legal threats were made by a third party. The infringing page content should instead be removed, and at the third party's request, the edit overseen.
  • Deleting would stir up a small controversy among editors, even if (a) criterion/criteria for deletion had been met.
  • All pages on this wiki should be tested against the speedy deletion criteria before being deleted.
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