A revolution is when many members of a clan are fed up, decide to defect from the said clan and make their own.

Reasons for RevolutionEdit

There can be many reasons for a revolution. These include:

  • An argument between members
  • Members dissatisfied by the way the clan is run
  • Poor leadership

Effect on clansEdit

A revolution can have a very profound effect on the clan. Often, if many of the members of a clan revolt, the clan will go into decline. Sometimes the clan will pick back up again, but sometimes it will just keep declining until it has to de disbanded. Even if the clan does not go into decline, there can still be great effects on the clan. There may be split loyalties between the current and new clan, as well as a dip in event attendance.

The New clanEdit

After a revolution, the new clan will either go well or not. Many clans have been formed from revolutions and went on to greatness. Many others don't gain the support they need, and either don't grow larger or end up disbanding. The success of a revolution usually depends on 2 things: support and numbers. If the revolution does not have enough support, few people will want to join it, so it will fail. If there aren't enough numbers, the clan will not grow, and will fail.

Interaction with the old clanEdit

After a revolution, the 2 clans will usually either become allies or enemies. This often depends on the leadership of both clans involved, and if the two clans still respect one another. If the revolution was a result of an argument, usually, the clans involved will become enemies.