On July 20th, 2008, the RSB warred the RSC in what turned out to be one of the largest wars in runescape history. It was one round long, however many people stayed around for two more rounds. The very interesting thing about this war was the supposed bsing done by Corruption and RuneScape Dinasty (they attacked both RSC and RSB, although they were RSC clans). The event was hosted by A_Man_Eater, leader of the British Elites.

Here are the estimated results:

Round 1
  • RSB Start: 600
  • RSC Start: 300
  • Corr + RSD Start: 67
  • Winner: RSC
Round 2
  • RSB Start: 450
  • RSC Start: 250
  • Corr Start: 50
  • Winner: RSB
Round 3
  • RSB Start: 200
  • RSC Start: 150
  • Winner: RSC

All in all, many people were surprised by RSB's massive pull and intense ability to stay alive until the very end. This was probably due to RSB being at the highest point, warring-wise, it had ever been at.