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"RSB" is an acronym used by users of RuneScape to describe the official RuneScape Forums. "RSB" means "RuneScape Boards", which includes all of the clan forums within the RuneScape site.

Clan Forums

The Clan Forums

It is most commonly used by the clanning community. The forums within the RSB are:

  • Rec LFC Recruitment -- Looking For a Clan

A Forum for players looking for a clan. They can post threads here which clan leaders can read and post an advertisement for their clan.

  • Rec 100- Recruitment -- Under 100 Combat

A Forum for clans with a level requirement of under 100 combat to post their recruitment threads.

  • Rec 100 Recruitment -- 100 Combat and Over

A Forum for clans with a level requirement of at least 100 combat to post their recruitment threads.

  • Rec Other Recruitment -- Specialist Clans

A Forum for clans with either no level requirement or a non-combat requirement to post their recruitment threads.

  • Clan Comm Clan Community

A Forum for general discussion of the clan community. Many clan newspapers are posted here.

  • Clan Home Clan Home

A Forum for clans to post their main clan thread, which contains all the information about the clan and has any important news in.

  • Clan Dip Clan Diplomacy & Events

A Forum for diplomacy. Clans man make alliances and enemies, declare wars or propose merge events.

  • Clan Suggestion Suggestions -- Clans

A Forum for people to post suggestions for new clan related features.

  • Jagex Cup The Jagex Cup

A Forum about The Jagex Cup. This is a competition between clans run by Jagex.

The term RSB is most commonly used by members of the two major Runescape clan communities. During the year 2007, the RSB underwent a rapid expansion, causing a great influx in activity, and causing many changes to the forums and the community. After this influx in activity died out, the RSB began to dwindle. The year 2008 is now referred to as the "Dark Ages" of the RSB.

Popular activities within the RSB include joining and expanding clans, participating in events, and contributing to Clan Newspapers or threads within the Clan Community section dedicated to ranking clans, leaders, ASCII Artists, etc. and giving updated information on recent activities within other sections of the RSB.

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