A Player Owned House (or POH) is a house owned and built by a player using the Construction skill. Construction is one of the most expensive skills in RuneScape because of the amount of coins needed to buy equipment and gain levels. Houses are very useful for most players as they give access to portals, easier ways to make experience in other levels and storing items such as pets, clothing and other equipment.

Building a HouseEdit

To a build a house, a player must first buy a house from an Estate Agent. These can be found in several major cities. Buying a house costs 1000 coins. Once a house is built, some items will be needed to start off. These are:

  • Coins
  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Planks
  • Cloth
  • Nails (with a lower Construction level)

More items can be used to make different things, but these are the basics. As you gain levels you will need more expensive equipment to make better objects, which will give you more experience.

The RoomsEdit

To build a new room, a player must right click the door hotspot and choose a room. The player will be greeted with a list of rooms, each with a price.

Room Construction level required Cost
Garden 1 100gp
Parlour 1 1000gp
Kitchen 5 5000gp
Dining Room 10 5000gp
Workshop 15 10,000gp
Bedroom 20 10,000gp
Skill Hall 25 15,000gp
Games Room 20 25,000gp
Combat Room 32 25,000gp
Quest Hall 35 25,000gp
Study 40 50,000gp
Costume 42 50.000gp
Chapel 45 50,000gp
Portal Chamber 50 100,000gp
Formal Garden 55 75,000gp
Throne Room 60 150,000gp
Oubliette 65 150,000gp
Dungeon 70 7,500gp (per room)
Treasure 75 250,000gp

The rooms can be used for many purposes. For example, the Combat Room, Games Room and Dungeon Rooms are often used in house parties; the Dining Room is often used in a (Clan) meeting; and the Chapel is often used to level Prayer.

House PartiesEdit

Main article: House Party

A house party is when a house owner starts a party in his house. This can be for a variety of reasons. Activities can include using the Games Room or Combat Room, using the challenge and PvP modes, using the dungeon, etc. Parties can be public or private

Open HouseEdit

An open house is where a player opens their house to the public. The owner will let people use resources inside the house including chapel, portal room and playing areas such as the Dungeon, Games or Combat room.