A Player Owned City (also referred to as POC) is a role-playing clan which is made to represent a place, in a given world. They claim ownership to a town, city or even a Kingdom. These clans oftentimes use bases within a city's limits, and are usually from the RSB. Their members will have jobs, can open shops or join the military.

Cities often try to distinguish themselves from clans, emphasizing their role-playing goals over more standard clan activities. The line between city and standard clan, however, is often difficult to distinguish.

Player Owned Cities are often named after the cities they represent, and are usually formulated after an existing area within RuneScape. A Player Owned City will sometimes go to war with other Player Owned Cities. This could be a normal clan war, or could take place in a PvP world. Sometimes a Player Owned City will war with another to take over their territory.

Though these days a lot of the player owned cities prefer to do a storyline roleplay where they will follow a storyline compared to the old traditional skill-based roleplay, which would consist of the members doing the job they applied for.


Many different positions are given to members of a POC. Some examples of there are:

  • King/Queen/Emperor/Leader/Dictator - Leader of the Player owned city
  • Senate/Council - Leader advisors/assistants
  • Generals - Commanders of the military
  • Guards - Guards the leader and the council
  • Military, broken down into
    • Soldiers (melee) - Hand Combat
    • Archers (ranged) - Ranged Combat
    • Sorcerers (magic) - Magical Combat
  • Workers - Normal people who work in the city
  • Citizens (sometimes the same as workers) - Normal people
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