Some clans have an off-site Forum. This is a Forum created and run by the clan leader(s), and is separate to the official RuneScape site. It is usually bigger clans that have an off-site Forum.

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit


There are many advantages to having an off-site Forum. These include:

  • Being able to organise the Forum effectively
  • Having total Administrative and Moderation control
  • Having privacy
  • Being able to easily contact any clan member registered on the Forum
  • Non-members are able to use it


There are also some disadvantages to off-site Forums, including:

  • Inability to legally advertise the Forum in game or on the Forums
  • Not all clan members will use the site

Rules and ModerationEdit


As an off-site Forum will be run privately, clan leaders may create their own rules for the Forum. These are usually normal Forum rules (such as no spamming, no flaming, etc), but may also include some clan specific rules (including stay loyal to the clan). Some clans will merge Forum punishments with clan punishments(eg, spamming the clan Forum will result in a temporary ban). Others will keep them separate (eg, spamming will result in a temporary Forum ban, but unrelated to the clan.


Lots of clans with off-site Forums will appoint Moderators. These work in the same way as on any other Forum - they Moderate the Forum, dealing with rule breakers and educating people about the rules. Sometimes, the Moderators are also part of the leadership (eg, in a Council or Chain of Command). In other clans, the Moderators are separate to the leadership, meaning no leader can be a Moderator. In other cases, Moderators and leaders are unrelated, meaning being a leader makes no difference to a person's chances in becoming a Moderator.