Misticdylan's Biography

Misticdylan (a.k.a, Mistic, Dylan) is an adventurer since 2010. He has been known throughout land for his kind, helpful attitude, and his participation in multiple clans (mainly an abandoned clan lead by Sultan Fasu). He is mostly seen around Lumbridge or Varrock giving money to the poor, or to those who are new. Mostly found on the 3rd or 4th popular free trade world, he will help you with your needs. He is currently spending most of his time on OldSchool, with another name, dylanrskelly.


Mistic has multiple skills, mostly enjoys focusing on melee combat, but he's also currenlty practicing archery. He is a very skilled lumberjack with a skill of 85+. He uses this as an advantage to make money, cutting down yews near Draynor village - which is also another place he might be seen.

History - Clans

Misticdylan has a rather big history with multiple clans, but mostly focusing on a clan that has been abandoned in 2012. This clan was run by another adventurer, Sultan Fasu, known for his leadership in many different clans and tribes. The location of this clan mostly revolved around the Al-Kharid area. Later in 2012, the clan has been discarded. Prior to Fasu's disoposal of his own clan, Mistic has set out a plan to find Fasu in search for revenge. It is believed Fasu is currently in a new clan known as, The Fasu Empire, but was last seen by Mistic in a Zamorakian based clan in central Varrock east of the fountains.

Throughout the duration of the clan, Mistic had followed a strict appralel rule - to specifically wear black in resemblence of Fasu's ex-clan. Mistic had also participated in multiple clan wars with Fasu.