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Below is an incomplete list of legitimate clans that can be organized by clan abbreviation/initials, full name, the type of clan that it is, combat requirement, number of members, and whether it is based towards Members, free players, or both.

Clans don't have to have a page on this site to be listed.

  • A ~ denotes "around".
  • A + denotes "and up".
  • A ? denotes that the information is either unknown or likely to be incorrect.

Note: If you need help adding your clan to the list, feel free to contact someone here and they will happily do so, or use the talk page associated to this article.


List of Clans

Full name

Type of clan Combat Requirement

Number of Members

F2P or P2P
Guardians 66 Guardians Social/Friendly/Skill/combat/Mature None 25+ P2P
72 The 72 Clan Versatile 130+ (or 2000+ total) 400+ P2P
ABP A Bene Placito social/casual 90+ (or 1750+ total) 30 P2P
AIR Akrasian Imperial Republic POC None 30+ Both
A Amanecer Unknown None 220+ P2P
AGE Ancient Greek Empire Social/Combat/Skill None 0025+ Both
AoA Angels of Armadyl Combat 015+ Unknown Both
ARO Anti Revanant Organization Combat (Clan:Amanecer hunting) None 0006 Unknown
Atl Atlantis Social/Friendly/Skilller/Mature None (2000+ total) 500 P2P
AW ArchWarriors Combat Unknown 0006~ Both
AY42 Are You 42

(Main Website)

Social Homeworld Based Clan None 150+ P2P
A Arisos Runescape Clan Community None 0120+ Both
AoZ Arm of Zamorak 60+ 005+ Both
ACR Army of Central RuneScape Takeover 025+ Unknown Unknown
AORS Army of RuneScape Unknown Unknown Unknown F2P
AoS Army of Saradomin Social/Combat 080+ 0100+ Both
AOTO Army of the Olympians Social/Events None 0008+ Both
A Artemis Combat 070+ 0020 P2P
AC Assassin's Cult Takeover/Player Owned City 075+ 50+ Both
AOD Avengers Of Death Social 090+ 0020-0035 Both
AG Axe Gang Combat/Player-owned city 050+ 0003+ Both
BAA Barbarian Assault Addicts Barbarian Assault None;

Barbarian Assault-related requirements

0173~ P2P
BN Bear Necessities Social/Skilling/PvM None 150 P2P
BCO Big Clan Org Miscellaneous None Unknown Both
BD Black Dragons Combat 070+ Unknown F2P
BBH Big Black Hole Social & Community Clan None ~50 P2P
BB Blade Bearers Combat 040+ 0025+ Both
B Blessings Social 100+ 0016~ Both
BL Blood Legion Combat None 0005~ F2P
BSE Bloodshed Empire Community 090+ (w/o Summoning) 0050~ Both
BS Blueshield Miscellaneous 040+ Unknown F2P


Blurite rod Combat None Unknown F2P
BDS B00nd0ck Saints Anti-Botting/Luring/Scamming None 60~ Both
BT Boundless Terror Versatile, (combat, social, etc.) 100+ combat, 1200+ total 10+ Both
BoG Brotherhood of Guthix Combat None 0001~ P2P
TBL The Burning Legion Combat/Takeover 070+ 0020~ P2P
BZP BZPChat Miscellaneous None 0010~ Both
Carousers Caped Carousers Questing, a little of everything but mostly fun! [1] Quest Cape 100+ P2P
NGoR Catherby Social, Skilling, PvM, Community, FUN!, Player-owned city None 400+ Both
CS Chaos Storm Combat None 0070+ P2P
CtU Charlie the Unicorn Social, Miscellaneous, Recruiting! None 0007+ Both
CC Chat Central Social None 0100+ Both
CG Clan Guthix Community,Social,Miscellaneous None 160+ Both
CJ Clan Jaguar Mini-Games None 0050-0075 Both
CL Clan Latino Miscellaneous None Unknown Unknown
CoT Clan of Twilight Miscellaneous None 0008~ Unknown
CG Council Of Gielinor Miscellaneous 080+ (w/o summoning) 0035+ Both
CZ Cozmic Combat 80+ Unknown P2P
C C R A Z3 D Combat 075+ 0015~ Both
CoZ Creed of Zamorak Combat/Events 070~ 0010~ Both
DCC Da-Chia Clan Combat 060+ 0058~ P2P
DG Dark Gansto skilling, Player-owned city 60+ 0006~ F2P
DK The Dark Knights Miscellaneous 008+ 0006~ Both
DPK Dark Pkers Combat 040+ Unknown Unknown
DSL Darksithlords Player-owned city None Unknown Unknown
DT Dark Thunder Warring, Combat, POC None 47 F2P and P2P
TDZ The Dark zamorakian All Around None 257 Both
DR Defeaters Rule Combat none 40+ Both
DV Deja Vu WrWarring/Community 070+/060+ 0006~ Both
DF The Demon Frogs Combat/Social/Crime/Takeover None 0002~ Both
DK Demon Kings of RS Combat/Social Varies 0089~ Both
DRNE Destroyrune Combat 010+ 0010~ F2P
TDH The Doghouse Community/Social/Friendly/Skilling/Combat None 90+ P2P
DH Dragon Harts! All-around Anything and Everything None 0134 P2p
Drag Dragon Imply Social/Minigames/Skilling Be Friendly 0035+ Both
DM Duckmasters Anything and Everything None 1 F2P
ES Effortless Souls Multi 1800+ Total Level 270+ P2P
EE Ehtyan Empire/Ehtyas Elites Combat/Player-owned city Unknown 0014+ F2P
EB Elite Bladers Unknown None Unknown Both
EE Elven Elite Combat 050+ Unknown Both
TE Clan: The Empire Military

Warring Questing Skilling Business Player Owned City (Semi) Anti=Price manipulation Clan Role Playing

None 0010+ Both
EoE Empire of the East Roleplaying/Friendly None 330+ Both
EEP Epic Elite PvM (External Forums) Combat 130+ 0100+ P2P
EP Epilos Combat/Player-owned city 030+ Unknown Both
E Eternity Combat/Dutch Clans 100+ Unknown Both
TFS The Fallen society Combat/Clan Wars 107+ 0002+ P2P
FUN Family Unity Network Socializing, Events, Skilling None 300+ P2P
FFDN Famous For Double Natures Community Apply on Thread 120~ both, prefer P2P
FFWR Fast Free Water Runes Rune Running None (76+ runecrafting to be an assister) Unknown Both
FM Fire Mercenaries Combat None 0011~ Both
FOH Fires of Hell Combat 060+ 0035~ Both
FF Free Faction Miscellaneous None 0200~ Both
FF Fremennik Federation Player-owned city None Unknown F2P
FroobyFam Frooby Family ○Social ○Events ○Pvm ○Skilling ○Community

○Discord ○ Tier 7 Citadel

Any 1 is welcome
D&G TheGamerX Social 085+ 0015~ P2P
GW GameWinners' Clan Community 070+ 0035+ Both
GE GE Own Merchanting 003+ 0100+ Both
GE Glorious Eternally social questing/roleplaying/skilling none 30+ both
TGF The Goddomot Fronks Combat/Social None 0035~ P2P
GGP Green Goblin Party Role-playing, Relaxed, Warring None 17 F2P & P2P
GOW God Of War Combat 100+ 220+ P2P
GW Gold Warriors Combat 020+ 0008~ Both
GoS Gothar of Saradomin All Around None 000 F2P
TGA The Great Avengerz Combat 060+ 0005~ P2P
GD Green Dusk Combat/Social 070+ 0050+ Both
GS GreenSkulls Combat None 0200+ P2P
GotP Guardians of the Peace Combat/Mini-Games/Dungeoneering. 060+ 0022 Both
GB Guthix Blade Combat None Unknown Both
GG Guthix Guard Combat/Dungeoneering 070+ Unknown P2P
HK Holy Knights Social/Skilling 090+ 0030+ Both
IXZ Iconxkillsez Combat 040+ 0006~ Both
TI The Immortal Miscellaneous None Unknown Unknown
IK Immortal Kingdom hanging out none 10+ both
IGA Imperial Greek Army Social/Combat/Skilling None 0005~ Both
IL El Imperio Latino Warring & Skilling 100+ 0030+ Both
I Instinct Community/Social 100+ 0040+ Both
IP Infernal Phoenix Player-owned-city , PvM , PvP 170+ (or 1500+ total) 150+ P2P
IL Iron Legion Combat/Skilling None 0008~


ITZ iTz Social/Combat None 0004+ Both
KB Kaiser Blade Combat/Player-Owned City 065+ 0011~ Both
TKK The Killr Klan Combat None 0013+ Both
KOF Kingdom of Falador Social/POC/Roleplaying None 27 F2P&P2P
KOV Kingdom Of Varrock Social/Skill/Combat/POC None 0120+ P2P
TKOS The Kingdom of Sparta Social/POC/Combat None 458 Both
KOTA Knights of the Abyss Combat 080+ 0119~ P2P
TKoB The Knights of Bandos Takeover None 0001~ Both
KRS The Knights RS Combat/Social None 0040+ Both
KOV Knights of Valor Social 090+ 0015~ P2P

Legendary Akatsuki

Role-Play None 88 Both
LOS Legends of Saradomin Social/Combat None Unkown P2P
LOF Legions of Fury Social/Combat 090+ 0061+ P2P
LB Linkbuilder Merch None 0020+ Unknown
LOD Lords of Darkness Combat None 0025~ P2P
LU Luminati Everything None 100+ Both
MR Mafia Raiderz Combat 010+ Unknown Both
MT Masters Templar Skilling/Combat/Community/Organization None 70+ Both
MASORS The Miners and Smithers of Runescape Skilling Mining 60 & Smithing 50 0100+ Both
MN 1 Mine Nation Versatile None 200+ Both
MS Moonshadow Social/Community - Skilling and Combat None 60+ Both
NAJ POC Neitiznot and Jatizso POC Unknown Player-owned city Unknown P2P
NEON Nëon Combat/Skilling Combat/Social 0070+ or 800+ total Both
NE New Energix Social None 0100+ Both
OK Oath Knights Combat/Social/Community None 0060+ Both
TOF The Old Fogies Skilling/social None 0049+ Both
PCF Palermi Crime Family Mafia Unknown Unknown F2P
TPL The Phoenix Legions Combat/Community 080+ freeplay combat 0050~+ Both
PT Power Town Player-owned city None 0020~


TP The Prodigy Social, Events, Citadel None 200+ Both
PA Pure Army Pure/Minigaming/Social Pures Only None F2P
PTYD Pop Till You Drop Social, Events, Friendly None 400+ Both
QPC FTW Quest Cape FTW Social/PvM Quest Point Cape 70+ P2P
QC Clan Quest Questing / Community 100+ Quest Points 250+ P2P
QCK Quick Chat Killers Miscellaneous/Quck Chat None 0001 Both
RD Red Dragons Combat 025+ Unknown Both
RNZ Rhinoz Combat/Skilling None (High combat level encouraged) 0012+ Both
TRD The Rising Dark Social 060+ 0020+ Both
RNC Rogue Ninja Civilization Social/Combat/Skilling/Community None 0210+ P2P
RSHC Runescape help chat All Unknown Unknown Both
RA Rune Army Combat/Military/Community None(Lvl 40+ recommended) 0050~ Both
RG Runegangz Unknown 060+ Unknown Unknown
RSKD RuneScape KingDom Destroyers Combat/Takeover 053+ 0080+ Unknown
RSM RuneScape Militia PvP, PvM, Questions, Distractions, Community 100+ or 1500 Total 80+ Both
RSPC RuneScape Police Constabulary Miscellaneous 060+ 0085+ Both
TRR The RuneScape Rebels Skilling None 40+ Both
RSS RuneScape Security Service Unknown Unknown 0055 Both
RSSD RuneScape Skilling Division Social None 0140+ Both
RSV Runescape Villains Combat/Skilling None 0090+ Both
SB Sacred Blood Combat 115+ 0080+ P2P
SC Sanada Clan Combat 100+ 0030+ P2P
TSC The Saradomian clan Combat None Unknown P2P
SSE Saradomin Silver Elite Combat/Takeover 030+ 0001+ Both
SETA Seta Combat None 0003+ F2P
SS Shadow Strikers Combat/Espionage 040+ Unknown F2P
SK Silent Knight PvM/Dungeoneering/Community 130+ and Other Requirements 475~ P2P
SNS Skillnst00f Adult-based homeworld community 800+ total or member recommendation 250+ Both
SotRT Skillers of the Round Table Skilling/Social None 57 Both
SU Skill Union Skilling None 0100+ Both
SK Skillerz Skilling None Unknown Both
SF Skill Firm (External Forums) Skilling N/A 0274+ Both
SK Skill n Kill Skilling/Combat Varies Unknown Unknown
SM Skillmasters Skilling None 0030-0040 P2P
SF Clan:Sky Foreverr Combat/Dungeoneering None 0300+ F2P
STS Slay to Skill Laid-back, no-drama, fun clan None 60+ P2P
TSS The Slayer Society Slayer/community None 1000+ Both
SNZ Sniperz Combat 050+ 0010+ Both
TS The Society Combat 040+ 0010 P2P
SP Soup Events None 002~ Both
S Sovereign Combat/Player-owned city 020+ 0014 Both
USSR Soviet Union Combat, Player owned City 095+ 0100+ P2P
SD Spartan Defence Combat 060+ (Varies) Unknown Unknown
SPARTA Spartans Combat, Minigames, Chatting, Union Wars. 060+ or Any skill 99 Unknown P2P
SoS Spirit Of Saradomin Miscellaneous Unknown 0060+ Both
SPZ SpiritZ Combat 090+ 0020-0040+ Both
SM Spongeman484 Social/Military/Community/Skilling None 0015+ Both
SG Star Galex Any None 0000 Both
SS Stellarstop Community None 0040+ Both
TF Team Falcon Combat/Social 080+ 0120~ Both
TW Team Wild Combat None 0005+ F2P
Alt=T Terrovania Boss-Hunting/Combat/Events/Minigames/Skilling/Social 060+ 0015~ Both
TLKMFS Thee Lost Knight Mare Fellowship All 3+ 0020~ Both
TTG The Thieves Guild Thieving/skilling/social Thieving 53 0020-40 P2P
TR Titans Revolution Combat/Community None 0095+ Both
TL Toon Link Combat 040+ Unknown Unknown
TS Tormentd Soulz Combat/Events 115+ 263 P2P
TFS The Total F2P Skillers Skilling None 0155+ F2P
TG Tyr's Guard Combat 080+ 0080+ Both
UFOK United Federation of Knights Combat, Skilling, Social, Misc. None Unknown Both


United Generation Combat, PvM, Social. 100+ (or 90+ Mage/Range) 0150+ P2P

United Heros

(official Clan homepage)

Social, Video Making, Citadel Creation, Combat, Skilling, Questing, PvP Activities, PvM Trust, Loyalty and Dedication 120+ Both
U R E United Runescape Empire Combat/Player-owned city 080+ (Pure handicaps) 0060 P2P
UBOS Unknown Blades of Saradomin Combat/Clan Wars 070+ Combat Unknown Both
UTM Utmost Social None 0002 Both
V Vasíleio None specified None 0026 P2P
WSC Wandering Scholars Clan Unknown None Unknown Unknown
WG Wilderness Guardians Combat, Community 100+ 0068 P2P
WS Winston's Skillers Skilling None 0009 Both
WOC Wrath of Chaos Combat 050+ Unknown Unknown
WOZ Wrath of Zammy Combat 070+ 0001 Both
WTC Wushu Tiger Clan Skilling/Combat 090+ 0016+ Both
XS Xp Skillers

(Forums Page)

Skilling/Combat None 0200+ Both
TYK The Yak Klan Social None 0010~ Both
Z1337 Zarosian Elite Multipurpose None 0004 P2P
ZI Zibens Open 060+ 0010+ Both