King Black Dragon


Yes (8)
Attacks with
Melee, Dragonfire, Mage
Max hit
25 Melee, 64 Dragonfire
Best drops
Dragon medium helmet, Rune kiteshield, Rune platelegs, Rune platebody, Rune square shield, King black dragon head, Draconic visage

The King Black Dragon is a monster that can be soloed or killed as a team. It is often killed by clans for fun, as it is relatively easy to kill, but has good drops.

Getting There Edit

The King Black Dragon is found in the King Black Dragon Lair, near the Lava Maze, in the Wilderness (though the Lair itself is not in the Wilderness). To get to the Lair, players must run past 3 Greater Demons, go down a ladder, get past some Poisonous Spiders and pull a lever, which teleports them in.

There are three ways to get to the Lava Maze, which is:

  • Walking from Varrock/Edgeville but beware of revenants.
  • Using the Ardougne lever to teleport, then walking the short distance.
  • Using a Lava Titan which teleports you near the lair.
  • The teleport ruin near bounty hunter as it teleports you near the King Black Dragon Lair.

Tactics Edit

Equipment Edit

When fighting the King Black Dragon, Magic is almost never used, due to its ineffectiveness against dragons. Ranged is the most common form of combat used against the King Black Dragon, as it is very effective and numerous bolts can be used with a crossbow as well as leaving a shield slot free for 'Anti-Dragonfire shield' or a powerful 'Dragonfire shield', Ruby Bolts (e) are used because of the chance to hit a 480 on the dragon. Melee is also used due to being able to use an anti-dragonfire shield and the weapons are usually quite powerful, It has been discovered that stabbing weapons hit significantly more times than your crushing or slashing weapons although they are rarely used as most of them cannot be equipped with a shield (Zamorakian Spear, Dragon Spear).

Bringing high healing food is a must, on what type of food you bring it depends on whether you are soloing or fighting with a team (Team:Lobster or Higher or Solo:Monkfish or higher although shark is the better option). The King Black Dragon can hit very high (650 without anti-dragonfire shield, around 250 with) and death is almost certain if food is not taken. An anti-poison potion is also needed, as the King Black Dragon's poison can hit 80 every few turns. A teleport is often taken, just in case you start to run low on food and need to get out, quick and clean. Most people also bring a few anti-dragonfire potions as they significantly reduce damage by the dragons fire allowing for quicker kills and less food used.

Circling Edit

A good method used when fighting with a team is circling the King Black Dragon. The players make a circle around it. This means that when the King Black Dragon tries to attack different players, it has to spin round. This takes time, giving players time to attack it or heal. This can only be used if going with a team.

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