An inactive member is a member of a clan who rarely takes part in clan activities. This includes posting on the clan thread, talking in the Clan Chat and attending official clan events. Inactivity is against the rules in most clans, and prolonged inactivity can result in the member being removed from the clan.

Reasons for inactivityEdit

Unforeseen inactivityEdit

Generally, members become inactive due to an unforeseen circumstance. This can include:

  • Family emergencies
  • Internet/computer failure
  • Busy time at work/school

If this happens, some clans will let the member explain why they were inactive after they have returned, and, if a good reason is given, no action is taken. Other clans will simply remove the member from the clan.

Planned inactivityEdit

Sometimes a member will plan to be inactive. Examples of these are:

  • Going on holiday
  • Moving house

Usually, the member will contact a leader before they will be inactive, and they will be allowed to be inactive.

No reason for inactivityEdit

Some members become inactive with no apparent reason. These are usually the people who are removed from the clan due to inactivity. Some clans will let them reapply to the clan, but at Recruit rank. Other will let them back in at their old rank, while others will just not let them back in.

Inactivity SweepEdit

Most clans regularly have an inactivity sweep. An inactivity sweep is the removal of all inactive members in a clan. Most clans have one every month of every 2 months. Some clans have a quota, where clan members must attend a certain number of events, post a certain amount of times on the clan thread or be in the Clan Chat often.

Effects of not having a SweepEdit

If a clan does not have a regular inactivity sweep, many members may become inactive. Lots of inactive members can look bad for a clan, meaning they may not get as many recruits. It also means that more players may become inactive, as there is no incentive to remain active within the clan.