A House Party is a party held in the house of a RuneScape player, known as a Player Owned House.

Hosting a House Party

Usually, house party hosts have a high construction level (70+) and a dungeon. This is because most house parties involve combat for entertainment as that is what many players enjoy. They may also have Games Room for other games to be played. Most House Parties are hosted in World 31, as that is the official house party world.

Reasons to Host a House Party

There are a few reasons that people will choose to host a house party. These include:

  • 99 Parties - Players who have just achieved a 99 skill will often have a house party to celebrate
  • Leaving Parties - Players who are leaving RuneScape will sometimes have a party to say goodbye to their friends or Clan.
  • Clan Event - A house party can be used as a fun clan event or for meetings discussing the clan.
  • Fun - Some players might host one for a bit of fun with friends. This could also be with the random public, which is known as an "Open House".
  • Celebration - It might be someone's Birthday, or a Holiday party.

Attending a House Party

Players can attend house parties simply by entering the house of the owner. To find the house party, they can go to a house party on world 31, or search on the Events section of the RuneScape Forums. Attendees will often bring 2 outfits - a combat one, for any fighting and a good looking one for looking good while not fighting.

Types of House Parties

There are many different kinds of house parties, or events involving a Player Owned House. These include:

  • Hotel - Some players set up a hotel, either for money or just for fun. Other players can rent out rooms in the hotel.
  • Dating - Some players take part in an activity in which players date each-other. Jagex has said that advertising or participation in such events counts as soliciting, which breaks rule 1.
  • Restaurant - Some players open restaurants. Other players can come in and order food.
  • Adopting - Similar to a dating party. Players may "adopt" each other, where one takes the role of the parent, and the other as the child. Jagex has also said that advertising these breaks rule number one.
  • Dungeon/PvPing - Some high level constructers might host a dungeon party for a safe or dangerous PvP battles, or for reaping the rewards of the treasure room.
  • Open house - A party where the public come to see one person's house.
  • Meetings - Clans or groups may have a meeting at once house to discuss aspects of their clan or group.
  • School - Players may open schools/colleges to test other players' knowledge of RuneScape or other things.
  • Gaming - Players who own a games room can host a party for others to come and play games.
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