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|Article one= <h3>Triumvirate Courts Open</h3>
The Court of the Triumvirate has opened and is ready for public viewing. The site, [], shall be administered by the Major Executive, Chief Attorney, and the Justices. All proceedings and trials are public, but individuals are only allowed to comment on their own trial pages. If you do visit the site please first visit the page titled "How the courts work" so you know the rules and proceedings of the court site. To apply for a trial visit the page corresponding to such, do not create a forum thread, the Chief Attorney or one of the Justices will do so once you send them a trial application. The court page on this wiki is located [[Union:Universal Triumvirate/Courts|here]] if you wish for additional information on the courts and how they operate. Please enjoy, and let any Executive, Justice, or the Chief Attorney know if you have any questions. {{Signature/Zerouh}} 03:57, March 4, 2011 (UTC)
|Article two= <h3>State of the Union IV</h3>
The Fourth State of the Union has been released. You can read it [[Union:Universal Triumvirate/State of the Union IV|here]]. {{Signature/Zerouh}} 17:32, February 25, 2011 (UTC)
|Article three= <h3>Day Two</h3>
'''Part of WG's 5th, and arguably most successful Real Life meeting was hosted from August 27th to 29th 2010, around RuneFest 2010 in London, England.'''

The group awoke fairly early and organised at His Lordship's hotel, where the ~900 WG pens were prepared in four bags. They caught the DLR to London Bridge and, after breakfast with another Runefest attendee, joined the queue at Vinopolis. The majority of pens were handed out at this point, to both attendees and Jagex Mods, as well as three pens to a passing police car. His Lordship also performed the [ TeamSpeak Rant] live to the ~400-person crowd, which was filmed by several WG and non-WG including legenday video-maker Excl.

Several events happened over the course of RuneFest itself. The group had some jousting rounds: Stokenut vs Elyxiatic, His Lordship vs Elyxiatic and WG Keanu vs Sean Sabre, some turns on the Wii, and many photographs with the Jagex staff as well as handing out pens to them. At 3:00, the entire group took part in the J Mod Clan Wars, and were victorious twice against Jagex, despite their infinite Constitution and random telporting cheats. At 4:00, they attended the Q and A concerning clans with the mods, and at 6:00 the Golden Gnomes were held. His Lordship came runner up to Mino Tauros, with WG's [ 5th Flash Movie]. 

The meeting officially ended at the end of day two.