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What you can do to help

This is a list of items that still need to be added to this wiki to help expand it:
  • New images that are related to clans. (ex: Clan chat window)
  • Userboxes saying things like: "This user's clan likes to play FoG" and things relating to that. (ex. Activities, duel arena, killing monsters, etc)
  • New pages about Activities, Distractions and Diversions and Bosses in RuneScape.
  • Remove "Red Links". (Adding needed pages)

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General Info.

This is a list of the things that are allowed on the wiki:
  • Personal images of your clan or you. (Limit to 15 for now.)
  • A logo/banner for your clan can be uploaded on here.
  • A template page for your signature is okay. (Please limit your sig to 2 pictures.)