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The Request

I want to request permission from the community to re-write the Request for Deletion policy to coincide with the fact that this Wiki is a database that specialises in Clans, meaning articles should only be deleted unless the page is horribly written, the Clan itself is a fake and never existed or it is requested by the page creator. Pages shouldn't be deleted unless it meets on of these requirements otherwise it stays on the wiki as either a stub or a disbanded clan.

New Deletion Policy

Good cases

  • Meets the speedy deletion criteria. (Read the re-write below)
  • Maintenance purposes (merging, redirecting)
  • Per the consensus at Vfd over the page in question.
  • If a version of the page has content that can be hazardous to its users or Wikia. This includes but is not limited to: Links to unverified applications, malware, material that is illegal under United States, English, or international law, adult content and the unauthorized disclosure of personal details. Oversight should be requested for the offending edit instead of deleting the page outright, if possible.

Bad cases

  • Legal threats were made by a third party. The infringing page content should instead be removed, and at the third party's request, the edit overseen.
  • Deleting would stir up a small controversy among editors, even if (a) criterion/criteria for deletion had been met.
  • All pages on this wiki should be tested against the speedy deletion criteria before being deleted.

New Speedy Deletion Policy

If two or more Administrators agree, the following policies can be cancelled out, so that a wiki article may be deleted as long as it is in the best interests of the community.

Good cases

  • User pages that have been created by an I.P., or possess content that blatantly violates one of RuneScape Wiki's policies (i.e. offensive language, scamming advice). Older user pages can be deleted only if the user requests it. It is impossible to delete an account, though the user page can be deleted.
  • Pages filled with only Advertising, spam or nonsense unless it's just vandalism then it should just be reverted.
  • Pages that are riddled with copyright violations. Taking images, lines of text, or entire pages from a website is not permitted. This criterion may or may not apply to, depending on the circumstances.
  • Redirects to non-existent pages or to moved "Clan:" namespaces.
  • Useless, unused or duplicated categories or templates.
  • Page writer's request. Though if it is a Clan or Union page then, it first has to pass the rest of the speedy deletion criteria. If not add a {{Vfd}} to the page and let the Wiki community decide.
  • Clan or Union pages that aren't under the appropriate namespace.
  • Any page with less than 50 words and no images, unless it is a new page (within a month).

Bad cases

  • Stubs, no matter how small, could one day become a very long article.
  • A page that requires a cleanup. These pages are just in need of attention, they do not need to be deleted.
  • Vandalism should be reverted, and doesn't mean the page should be deleted unless the page name is off-topic.
  • A page that has existed for a long period of time and has received many edits. This should instead be nominated for deletion by adding {{Vfd}} at the top of the page.
  • Clan or Union pages with 300+ words or 2+ non-wiki images should be not be deleted as they can be kept in the Wiki's Database.
  • Clan or Union pages with 50-300 words with disputable, little or no Clan information (i.e. QFC, CC, Member List) should have the the {{Disputed}} or {{Vfd}} template added to the page. Users about to delete a Clan or Union page should check the page history first to check how long the article has been with the Wiki, how many edits have been made, how many different users have contributed and the time from the last edit.
  • Pages in the Article Category, with 50-200 words or less should have the {{Stub}} template added to the page.
  • Pages in the Article Category, with 200+ words should stay on the wiki.
  • Base pages in a language besides English should be moved to a subpage (i.e. "Clan:Page/Language") and the page should be translated to English. The base page is allowed two non-English sentences explaining the different language is on a subpage.

Comments: Allow / Deny

Allow - With additions. I find redirects in Clan: and in general to be troublesome, as it boosts the page count and forces double redirects, broken redirects, etc. I know we've had unofficial debate in the past, but I don't think redirects are necessary, as anyone who has a connection with the clan knows about merges/name changes, and anyone who isn't involved with it likely won't care. I find it tiresome when 5 pages have a redirect to the same page.   Chaotic rapier  Jim  Talk  G&A Slayer-icon 04:23, January 23, 2011 (UTC)

  • I agree, with two exceptions. One I believe that if it is written in a foreign language it is not entirely a lost hope. Two I believe that in certain circumstances, if admins agree, that a page can be deleted for another reason besides this.   ゼロウ Talk   16:07, January 23, 2011 (UTC)
  • Stone. Redirects are nessaray, they may cause problems but that's just something we have to deal with. Like I once said we are a database, doesn't make our life easy but if someone wants to find the information it should be avalible. As for other launguages, I'm just not certain yes I have no idea if someone is cussing me out in Japanese but someone else might understand that. I purpose as long as someone knows the laungauge here that we can allow it but otherwise it is unmanageable. Also Zerouh, due to decreasing numbers of active community we must plan for the future. I think there should be atleast 3 admins invovled in deleting a page for annother reason than the terms specified above. Besides that support. Dark Arc Talk 16:45, January 23, 2011 (UTC)

From what has been said above I'll edit the above suggestion to include that:

  • If two or more Administrators agree, the following policies can be cancelled out, so that a wiki article may be deleted as long as it is in the best interests of the community.

Also, I personally believe that an article should not be in a different language. If the page maker wants to have the clan page in a different language, they may do so by making a subpage like "Clan:Clan_Name/Japanese". With this the original page may allow only two sentences explaining that there is a different-language version on the subpage. With this suggestion I would change:

  • Pages in a language besides English. This is an English Wiki, no other languages are allowed.
  • Base pages in a language besides English should be moved to a subpage (i.e. "Clan:Page/Language") and the page should be translated to English. The base page is allowed two non-English sentences explaining the different language is on a subpage.

Now with the redirects issue: I believe redirects should only be used for capitalization issues, otherwise it should be deleted. For example, the page "List of Clans" should be allowed to have "list of clans" and "List of clans" redirected to it. If we make sure we delete unnecessary redirects such as "Random Clan" when it has been moved to "Clan:Random Clan" then we should have less broken and double redirects. I think this is already stated in the text above. I think this fixes everyone's problems?
Halo S MinigameGod  Talk Clan Zaros symbol 00:05, January 24, 2011 (UTC)

I say allow on said conditions for deletion...the previous reasons were rather vague and didn't allow much leway in terms of delete or not delete. Also redirects....agreeing on that change as well it isn't necessary for a clan to have multiple redirects just to their page...Like a recent fun one I found it had a dead clan redirecting to another dead clan that redirected to a still alive clan.....I mean that is an obvious conflict issue there....but now onto the languages this one is fun, considering how many of us speak and type English.....I also agree with the revision as the main page should be mostly English otherwise I have to use a translator program that will most likely leave me with an inaccurate translation. Anyway just my opinions on this it will be indeed much appreciated as the policies for speedy deletion were rather vague as I said before 永遠のカオス Talk __ UT 00:15, January 24, 2011 (UTC)

  • Allow - Proposed changes sound good.   Chaotic rapier  Jim  Talk  G&A Slayer-icon 00:52, January 24, 2011 (UTC)


Discussion Closed. Majority Support. Policies will be changed to the above suggestion.
Halo S MinigameGod  Talk Clan Zaros symbol 22:07, January 26, 2011 (UTC)

Lock RSCW Closed.
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