Exiled Empire Edit

Exiled Empire was a once famous revenant hunting clan that now focuses on a variety of RuneScape activities that are; Dungeoneering, Boss hunting and many more activities that ensure there is always something to do.

When did it start? Edit

Exiled Empire started toward the end of 2008 coming into the game as a famous and massive clan wars clan, filling the clan chat daily.

Where did it start? Edit

Exiled Empire started in the old Clan Wars setting. Where it was famous for winning many wars, led under Exiled Vigor.

The Development of Exiled Empire: Edit

Exiled Empire, like most clans, started off as a small friends clan. Clan wars in 2008 wasn't enough, in 2009, Exiled Vigor steered the clan into a famous activity known as Revenant Hunting. Revenant hunting use to be enjoyed by both F2P and P2P players. In 2010, Exiled Empire, and the other known revenant hunting clans morphed into one massive clan being at least 2,000 members strong, according to the member roster on the clan's website. In 2011 the PVP Wilderness and Free trade returned, moving revenants into a small cave. This choked the revenant hunting community to slowly breaking apart back into their original clans.

Exiled Empire after the clan update: Edit

The clan was a famous clan, for not being owned by a mod or big youtube star. Reaching 500 members within 3 months of the update, Exiled Empire was a big PVM clan until the Evolution of Combat update, which caused 90% of the clan quit. The majority of the clan quitting sent the clan into almost dieing. In May 2013, Exiled Vigor met up with Pookie741 and Sintexu to rebuild the clan. Today, Exiled Empire is rising, and is becoming much stronger.


Created by: God55s Bow