An Event Crash is when a Clan or person(s) raids another Clan's, Union's or Alliance's event. This action is looked down upon by the Clanning Community and often results in clans becoming enemies, wars and rejection of allies. Event Crashes occur when a clan (often an enemy) finds out the event time, place and world through Forums, Private Messaging or another form of leak.

Avoiding a crash Edit

There are a few ways to avoid having an event crashed. These include:

  • Only telling clan/union members the world an event is in, and telling the time and world closer to the date.
  • Not having enemies who would be likely to crash events.
  • Keeping the Private Chat of the leaders on Friends or Off during the event,

Frequently Crashed EventsEdit

Almost any event can be crashed, but these are crashed frequently:

  • Clan Wars
  • Clan player killing
  • Clan Parties or marches
  • Recruiting
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