The last of the original three clans, the Reptilians or Emerald City Gang never left a huge impact on world 90's clan scene. Their undefined ambiguous existence fit right into the image of Guthix which was their clan god. One minute they're here causing havoc, the next, gone. Who were these blitzing hell raisers? They were called The Reptilans, Gang Green, and eventually, Emerald City Gang.

Emerald City Gang
Yxl8 (original), Kionzu
The Juveniles (formerly), Clan: The Monarchs
Uniform Colors
Alternate or Former Name
The Reptilians

Out of Nowhere Edit

Sometime during the early days of the war for World 90 which was fought between the Monarchs and Juveniles, a user named Yxl8 wanted a piece of the action. So he gave birth to a clan which would be the rival to both Monach and Juvenile alike. Since the Monarchs (a Zamorakian clan) wore red, and the Juveniles (a Saradomin clan) wore blue, Yxl8 chose green to represent Guthix, and the "odd god" ended up being the perfect choice for this unusual clan. Other sources say that green was chosen simply because it was the only one left in terms of popularity and availability on F2P. Now that he had a color and a name, he needed territory to claim like the other clans had; so he ended up on the then far end of the F2P map in Rimmington.

The Reptilians which they came to call themselves wanted to create an image as the rough rowdy types. Since the Juveniles were the reckless wild anti-thesis to the more controlled manicured Monarchs, the Reptilians wanted to be the Juveniles times two. They came to antagonize the Juveniles much more than the Monarchs for some reason. But the Reptilians were a small clan. For the most part, it was only Yxl8 and maybe a handful of other people who never really stayed active. Yxl8 eventually left but not before giving ownership to Kionzu, a former Monarch member.

The clan now under Kionzu's control still did not have a lot of people and not much changed. The Reptilians still hadn't fought any battles or even expanded out of Rimmington. They vanished for a short period before rejoining the fray and attempted to reinvent themselves by aligning with the Juveniles becoming the Reptilian-Juveniles. This tactic paid off because both the Reptilians and Slamitor's faction of juveniles did not have as many people as the Monarchs had. Kionzu eventually wanted to part ways with the Juveniles and the Reptilians fell into inactivity once again.

The Rise and Fall of Emerald City Edit

Kionzu returned again and once again tried to reinvent the Reptilians as The Emerald City Gang. He thought since Reptilians sounded dumb he wanted to rename it something that sounded more edgy and dangerous. He also sought out PKers as his recruiting base. He also had a vision to have every pure PKer in the wilderness wearing the ECG cloak. But for some reason his plan did not work. The Emerald City Gang eventually faded.