Corporeal Beast

Corporeal Beast

Release Date
Combat Level
Life Points
Poisonous/Immune to Poison
Attack Style
Melee, Magic, Ranged.
Always Drop
Examine Text
A vision of supernatural horror.

The Corporeal Beast (a.k.a. the Corp Beast, the Beast, C beast, the Corp, and CB) is currently the strongest monster in RuneScape, besides some monsters in Daemonheim. It is considered by many to be the most difficult creature to slay. It was released on 15 September 2008 with the Summer's End quest, and completion of the quest is required to fight it. When it was released, players could stand underneath the Corporeal Beast and not be harmed; but on 15 October 2008, Jagex changed this, giving the beast a stomp attack that harms players underneath it. The beast's health meter is three times as long as that of players and as that of almost all other NPCs. The monster has a maximum melee hit of 513 and a maximum Magic hit of 650. It resides in a multicombat area, so it can be fought in teams. It has very high defence and life point levels, making it extremely hard to solo. Others could solo it by using a glitch (such as the 9 June 2009 game engine update glitch which prevented the Beast from retaliating). Gravestones cannot be obtained within the area. However, players have exactly 2 minutes to return to the cave and pick up their lost items if they die. The fastest returning method is having a death spawn at Soul Wars, getting a super energy potion, teleporting to Clan Wars and running north-west. A grave will appear as usual, however, for players who die outside in the passageway.

Corporeal Beast bg


The Beast resides in the cave north of the ruined farms in the Wilderness in the final room. If players have not completed Summer's End, they will not see the beast; the cavern will be empty.

Getting thereEdit

The Dark Energy Core, summoned by the Corporeal Beast World 22 is the unofficial Corporeal Beast extermination world. Usually, teams meet up at the Clan Wars arena at the Wilderness Volcano or outside the cave entrance. The easiest way to get to the cave is to run from Clan Wars. From Clan Wars, players or teams may walk north/north-west until they come to the farm from the Spirit of Summer quest. Players then should walk north from the north-west corner of the farm until they come to the real-world version of the cave in which they fought the Spirit Beast during Summer's End. Enter, then walk through to the final room. The Corporeal Beast is in the final room, so it is advised to stop outside the final room to regroup, turn on auto retaliate, activate prayers, drink potions, food, etc.

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