A company is a group of players who will work together on a skill in order to make money.


A Fishing Company Thread


A company will usually be made up of a leader and workers. The workers will work to make goods for customers and the leader will advertise goods to customers (as well as collecting the goods himself, in some cases). In some companies (for example, fishing companies), there will be more than one type of worker (for example, fishers and cooks). The workers who help to complete and order will often receive a percentage of the profit made. Most companies have a level requirement for workers, based on the skill they will be using (for example, cooks will have a Cooking requirement).

Types of CompanyEdit

There are many types of company, offering different services and requiring different workers. Some examples include:

  • Food companies - requires Fishermen and Cooks
  • Rune companies - requires Miners and RuneCrafters
  • Smithing companies - Requires Miners and Smiths
  • Fletching companies - Requires Lumberjacks and Fletchers


Company customers often want a large amount of an item. They may want 10000 sharks, or 5000 magic logs. One player on their own couldn't get these on their own, so the buyer will go to a company. There will sometimes be a discount for buyers buying in bulk, and sometimes a buyer must buy at least a minimum amount. Since the Grand Exchange, players could go their for buying bulk items, so there is less need for companies.