Note: Most of these recommendations for these combat styles are Pay-to-play.

In RuneScape, there are 3 combat classes, namely Melee, Ranged and Magic. They each have their own unique weapons, armour and fighting styles. Each is good for different situations. Please note that using two combat styles is possible with the right equipment.

Combat triangle

This image is used to show the strengths and weaknesses of each class.

The Combat TriangleEdit

The combat triangle is the set of rules that keeps combat fair. On most occasions Melee beats Ranged, Ranged beats Magic and Magic beats Melee. As mentioned above, two different combat styles can be used at once. Prayer can also be used to affect the accuracy and strength of attacks and increase the defence of the user.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of different classes can be bent, if, for example, a Melee user had a high Magic level and a low Ranged level, he would be slightly weaker to Ranged attacks.


Melee is close combat fighting. If you want to just bash in your opponents head, this is the one for you! Typical melee weapons include longswords, scimitars, daggers and battleaxes. Melee armour includes platebodies, platelegs and full helmets.


  • Strong against Ranged.
  • Weapons including GodSwords, Abyssal Whips, Saradomin Swords and Dragon Scimitars.
  • Armour including Barrows, Bandos and Dragon.
  • God swords have effects such as freezing the opponent.


  • Weak against Magic.
  • Cannot attack from distance.
  • If immobilised, cannot attack players more than 1 square away.


Ranged is long-ranged fighting. If you want to attack your opponent from afar, this is the one for you! Typical ranged weapons include longbows, shortbows, crossbows and chinchompas. Ranged armour includes leather, dragonhide and Karil's.


  • Strong against Magic.
  • Enchanted bolts can have effects, such as hitting dragonbreath on an opponent.
  • Can attack from afar.
  • Can attack even when immobilised.


  • Weak against Melee.

Other OptionsEdit

  • The Dragon Platebody does not have a negative Ranged bonus. Therefore, it can be used for more defence while not impeding Ranged attacks.


Magic is long-ranged, magical fighting. If you want to skillfully kill your opponent, this is the one for you! The typical magic weapon is a staff. Magic armour includes Mystic Armour, Splitbark Armour and Ahrim's Robes.


  • Strong against Melee.
  • Spells can have effects on opponents, such as freezing and stat lowering.
  • Can be used outside of combat (eg, teleports and alchemy).
  • 3 spellbooks to choose from.


  • Weak against Ranged.
  • Can be killed by both Ranged and Melee attacks.

Other OptionsEdit

  • You can effectively combine high level Mage Armor (For Example, Ahrim's Robes) with weapons and other gear that don't give negative Magic bonuses; for example, The Helm of Neitiznot, Godswords, the Abyssal Whip and the Saradomin Sword. Using that method you can effectively use Melee and Magic at the cost of less Melee defence.
  • There are some hybrid armours (such as abyssal armour, silverhawk boots, obsidian cape, etc) which provide equal bonuses in multiple styles of combat defence.