The Clan vexillum (Plural: Vexilla) is an item similar to the previously released Flagstaff of festivities. It can be obtained from the Clan Scribe at The Clan Camp and is the wieldable counterpart to the Clan cloak. Wielding it shows the logo of the clan which the player is currently part of, and placed vexilla will display all current clan information. Stands for the vexillum only exist in The Clan Camp, however they can be placed anywhere in the ground, except inside the Grand Exchange and banks. Furthermore, the vexillum can not be placed within 10 squares of another. The vexillum must be wielded in order to place it in the ground. Once placed, the vexillum will still appear in the player's inventory. Clicking wield will retrieve it, as will clicking remove while it is placed. However, the vexillum will still be placed even if it is banked but only until the player is logged off, which is effectively the same as retrieving it. Note that resting while holding the vexillum is not possible. The vexillum may remain in a stand for up to 30 minutes or until the vexillum's owner leaves the area. Only one vexillum for the same clan may be placed somewhere at the same time.

Vexilla can be edited by going to Clan Settings and clicking Motif. Two pictures and the colours can be chosen. Once satisfied, click Done.

The vexillum will be destroyed upon leaving a clan; to re-obtain the vexillum, the player must join a clan again.

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