I am the leader of the Kinshra. As a fellow Armadyllian I wish to ally with you. Please inform me of your response on the discussion page of my clan. Death reap 01:49, 14 February 2009 (UTC)

My name is Stardax and I'm looking for a clan like ya. I'd like to join ya. Please search me on world 56 or 54. I'd like to know where are ya from to know when we shall meet. Thanks! 14:16, September 17, 2012 (UTC)

I'm looking for a clan and this one seems quite cool, but I can't find you.  Is there a meeting place somewhere, or a specific world to go to?  Oh and I support Armadyl.

Joining any clan Edit

To join any clan, you can first join the clan via guest chat (go to the chat box, select guest clan chat, then type the name of the clan you are looking for after clicking the "join chat" button. Alternatively, add one of the leaders, and send them a pm in game. It may help if the clan in question (here Armadyl) and it's leadership keep the clan chat open to guests, and admin leave their friends chat on "on" so people can contact them. Also, you will be better off if you leave your RSN (runescape name) in case the previous options don't work. Lastly, good luck on finding a clan. 

  • scratch that "lastly." if you would like help in adding a clan infobox to your page, please put a message on my talk page, and I'll gladly help you out. Put whatever reqs you might have down and I should be able to do the rest. Either post to my talk page or pm me in game, whatever you wish. Sir Goreth (talk) 03:39, February 16, 2015 (UTC)
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