A Clan Moderator (also known as a Community Moderator) is a Forum Moderator that actively participates in the clan community as well as regularly moderating the Clan Forums. Rather than moderating all of the RuneScape Forums, Clan Moderators usually only post and moderate in the Clan Forums. As well as Moderating the Forums, they may organise inter-clan events or competitions.

The sub catagory Jagex "Clan" Moderator is a Jagex Moderator that actively participates in the clan community. Although not officially recognized by Jagex, many players tend to call them Jagex Clan Moderators to show their effort to blend in to normal players by joining clans. Just like Forum Moderators, they may host events or competitions. The advantage of Jagex Clan Moderators is that they have the ability to sticky threads and even create new Forums. The Jagex Cup is a great example of Jagex Clan Moderators using their abilities within the Forums to participate in the clan community. On FunOrb, some Jagex Moderators have their own clans.

Another accepted term was popularized by Excl's clan chat (X L) which is in the game itself. Clan moderators enforce the rules of the clan chat as much as possible with a set of rules set by the leader of such a clan. Since new members joining the clan cannot be ranked, there is no reason for people in them to co-operate or follow the rules. Clan Moderators, if used, will warn to kick a rule-breaker before kicking them.

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