Clan members are the members of a clan. They regularly interact with each other in clan chats and at clan events.

Joining a ClanEdit

Most clan members are recruited by other clan members. The may see a thread on a RuneScape Forums or be told about it in game. Often, when looking for a clan, a player will ask in game or will post a thread on the Recruitment - Looking for a Clan section of the RuneScape Forums. They may also browse the other Recruitment sections. There are also other websites that have clan threads which players may choose to browse. A few players may choose to use search engines to find clan websites to join.

Taking Part in a ClanEdit

Once a clan member has joined a clan, they will often want to take part in the clan's community. New members may choose to: come to clan events, talk in the Clan Chat, talk with other clan members, post on the clan's website or post in the clan's thread. Members will often do at least one oif these to get involved with the clan. However, some new members will not take part in the clan and simply become [[Inactive members|inactive]. In most clans, these players will be removed from the clan.

Inactivity SweepsEdit

Some clans have inactivity sweeps. Members sweeps involve the removal of any inactive members from the clan. Some clans have very regular inactivity sweeps and ensure members are very active within the clan. Others are very relaxed on activity or do not have sweeps at all. Most clans fall somewhere in the middle.

Rising in a ClanEdit

When in a clan, most clan members want to rise rankings. All clans have different policies on giving ranks to clan members. Most clan leaders will give high ranks to members who are trusted and who they think will do a good job. Some clans will also give higher clan chat rankings to those members who are more active, and well behaved. There are; however, lots of factors that determine a members rank in a clan, depending on which clan they are part of.

Temporary Clan MembersEdit

Tempoary Clan Members, or temps refer to those who join clans but do not remain in the clan. Temps are the most common type of clan members, and usually exit the clan within a few battles. Temps changing from one clan to an opposing clan are usually frowned upon, as the clan members can view them as "traitors" or defectors. They are not usually ranked, but they may be ranked in some clans, particularly those advertising "all ranked (Insert rank here)".

Temps are usually low-medium leveled players, but some high leveled players may also be temps. They are not usually regarded as reliable, as some may even attempt to backstab their fellow clan members.