Rules are a code of conduct that every member in a clan must abide by. Almost every clan has rules, as they are required for a clan to run effectively. Rules are chosen by the leaders of the clan, and can be changed whenever appropriate.

The importance of rules vary from clan to clan. Some clans may just have it be a guideline, while others may hand out expulsions if rules are broken.

Examples of rules Edit

There are many different rules, which they are different from clan to clan.

Typical rules Edit

There are a few typical rules that most clans have something similar to in place. Some examples of these are:

  • Respect clan members
  • Stay loyal to the clan and donate as your capaci
  • Follow the commands of the leader & co-leader(s)
  • Abide by Friend Forever rules

Specialist rules Edit

Some clans have specialist rules, specific to their clan. Some examples are:

  • Some clans have a uniform, which clan members are required to wear at any official events. This is often based on the clan (for example, a Guthix based clan may have a uniform of Guthix related clothing).
  • Some clans will require tasks to be done for the clan to show loyalty.
  • Some clans will require members to turn up to a certain amount of events in a certain period of time.

Punishments Edit

If a clan member breaks a rule, they can often end up being punished in the clan. Punishments will often depend on the rules broken, and can include demotion of ranks, the removal of the right to speak in the Clan Chat and/or a temporary or permanent ban from the clan. Punishments can be temporary or permanent. Again, this will depend on the rule broken and will be specific to the clan.