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The blog is written by Mod Maz, and dates to 7 January 2011.


A selection of possible clan motifs

One of the things that we can work on while our Engine team are coding the features we need to develop Clan-centric content is customisation features. We’d like you to be able to really own your clan and make it unique, so we’re thinking about elements like custom colours and a range of motifs available for you to choose from. We haven’t fully decided where and what these colours and motifs are going to be used on, but we know it’s important to have a clan identity. This aspect of the project is very much in concept and prototype at the moment, but we can at least show you where we’re up to (see above image) and let you contribute too. Indeed, we are running a competition to let you submit your own motifs on the Clan Logo Competition thread. - by Mod Maz


Clan flagstaff Improving the support we can give clans within the game requires significant work from the Engine team. While the content developers focus on the gameplay and player experience, the Engine team concentrates on the technical aspects of clans. This means a lot of discussion between the two teams is essential. We need to be sure that what we try to achieve gives the desired game experience, but is also technically possible within the RuneScape engine. Traditionally, a game’s development starts with the engine being created, after which the content team populate the engine with gameplay. Working in sequence like this is one reason that games generally take years of development. To try to speed up this process, we work in parallel with the Engine team, talking with them to gain a clear understanding of the engine features they will add. We can then use this information to create as much of the content as we can before Engine have finished their work. - by Mod Roderick

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