A clan holding a clan event.

Most clans have events. These are activities, meetings or general fun things in RuneScape that a clan will do together. Many clans have Event Co-Ordinators. Their job is to create and organise events, then lead them.

Popular EventsEdit

Popular events include:

Many clans also have dangerous events, including:


Some clans will host regular meetings. They are usually weekly, and are the times in which the clan leaders can give out any important and confidential information, which outsiders should not know, while receiving feedback from their clan members. Clans with their own Forums do not require these meetings, as they can give and receive this information on their Forums.

Event-Specific ClansEdit

Some clans are Event Specific. They will only do one type of activity or event. Usually, these will benefit all clan members. For example, a Pest Control clan will focus on getting as many points as possible as quickly as possible, to gain combat levels for the clan members. Nearly all event specific clans will have a high combat requirement (100+, or even 130+), skill based mini-games (Fishing Trawler/Blast Furnace will have skill requirements. Some examples of event specific clans are:

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