Clan Citadel portal

The portal of the Clan Citadel

Clan Citadels were released on 26 July 2011 to clans who have five or more subscribing members. They were first introduced in a teaser on the RuneScape homepage.

There are dozens of hotspots for players and their clans to make their own. Of these hotspots, a maximum of seven are skill-related, allowing players and their clans to train skills together. Although the experience received will be slightly lower than would be received on the surface of RuneScape, skilling there will contribute to the maintenance of the citadel, allowing players and clans to upgrade it from tier 1 to tier 7. As the citadel gets upgraded, players and clans gain access to better customization options and even more hotspots. Contribute enough to the weekly upkeep of the citadel and players will have access to a clan ring, which will give a temporary 1.5x multiplier in certain skill tasks about RuneScape. Clan Citadel guards walk around and guard the main gate.

Each clan can gather in many areas of their Clan Citadel – in meeting rooms, a senate, a party room – but the centrepiece is the clan battlefield. This offers players and their clan a large area to battle together or face-off against other clans, and a full-blown Battlefield Editor to create combat situations or minigames.

When free players enter the teleport portal, they find themselves in a cutscene showing them around a completed clan citadel.


Citadels were first introduced in a teaser on the RuneScape homepage. In the news post announcing the impending update, The RuneScape Team stated that the update will be members only and claimed that Clan Citadels would be very customizable and would be tiered. It also showed that clan members would have to collect resources to build them. Cryptic Cluefest III was released prior and revolved around assisting Avalani who builds the citadel's portal. On the final day, it is hinted that Clan Citadels have some affiliation with Armadyl.


Citadel skyline

Up high in the sky, a place awaits....

Clan Citadels are castles in the sky that are clan homes. Resources collected by clan members can be spent to upgrade and customise the citadel. There are meeting rooms, party rooms, and clan battlefields, which host combat games. Members of other clans may visit different citadels, although based on the security settings they may be restricted.



The Citadel creation ritual

To create a citadel, five clanmates with membership must go to the Clan Camp and talk to Avalani by the portal. The players will take part in a ritual that creates a citadel for your clan in your logo and colours. To reach the citadel, any clanmember with membership can use the portal to teleport there. Within the citadel, there are certain places in which you can freely teleport around by using the map.

If a clan ever falls below four members, the citadel can no longer be accessed. The clock will continue to tick and use resources for upkeep.


Clan members must pass a probation period of at least a week before they can contribute to the citadel. This is done by entering the citadel after a build tick. The exceptions to this rule are any members of the clan who joined prior to the creation of the citadel, or within a week of its creation. Players on probation can still take part in activities in the citadel, but cannot collect resources.


Citadels have a weekly upkeep cost that must be paid in resources, gathered by working at skill plots. If these resources are not collected and the upkeep is not paid, the citadel may downgrade. There are no requirements to work on the plots.

If the citadel is maintained and there are enough members in the clan, the citadel may be allowed to upgrade. There are seven tiers, each offering more in layout and customisation.


There are four interfaces that can be used to change around the citadel. To access the interface, click on the castle icon next to the minimap while inside the citadel. The third interface requires a PI
Clan citadel interface

An example of a citadel interface.

N to access.


With the map tab, you can view the layout of the citadel, and if granted the permissions, to change it. Changing it will not update it instantly: it waits until the next build tick, which is weekly. All the layouts contain the same features, but in different locations.

As the citadel upgrades, the layout will contain more hotspots and resource-gathering skill plots.

Tier 1 and 2
  • 2 skill plots
  • 2 2x2 hotspots
  • 2 4x4 hotspots
Tier 3 and 4
  • 4 skill plots
  • 4 2x2 hotspots
  • 2 4x4 hotspots
Tier 5 and 6
  • 8 skill plots
  • 6 2x2 hotspots
  • 4 4x4 hotspots
Tier 7
  • 12 skill plots
  • 8 2x2 hotspots
  • 5 4x4 hotspots

Any changes to the citadel can be reverted prior to the next build tick by clicking the Revert button. On the map tab, there are two buttons, one with a sun and one with a moon. These can be used to change day and night in the citadel, but like the rest of the layout it will not change until the next build tick.


The building tab is used to view and upgrade the structures inside the citadel. There are four tabs inside the building tab, which do the following:

  • Upkeep - Shows the cost (in resources) needed to maintain the structure. If this cost is not met, the structure may dilapidate.
  • Upgrade - Shows the cost for upgrading the structure, or what it would cost to build it. Clan members with the right permissions may upgrade the citadel, or cancel an upgrade. Like everything else, it will not change until the build tick. Up to four buildings and two skill plots may be upgraded per tick.
  • Downgrade - Shows what the cost of upkeep would be if it is downgraded. Clan members with permissions may downgrade structures and skill plots.
  • Information - Allows structures or skill plots to be moved by members with permissions. Also contains a button to the job list.

To build a skill plot, select the type, and click the upgrade tab, click build, and choose which location to build it on.


The customisation tab lets clan leaders customise individual structures or the entire citadel. Three customisations can take place per build tick. To view the customisations, click on a hotspot in the interface. It will display the resource cost to build the feature.

For most structures, there are Basic, Medium and Grand versions. There are no requirements to build these besides the resources needed to upgrade them. In addition, the structure can be upgraded to the Grand version without first having to upgrade it through the lower levels.

Some structures require multiple upgrades to different parts of it, such as potted plants, which require a hedge and base separately.


The resources tab shows information about the amount of resources in the clan. The resources are:

  • Timber

    An example of resource collection

  • Stone
  • Charcoal
  • Ore
  • Metal bars
  • Precious ore
  • Precious metal bars
  • Cloth
  • Rations
  • Minions (work toward any resource)

Within the interface, there are three colours on the bar. Red shows the amount of resources used to maintain the citadel. If the bar is red only, it means that there are not enough of that type of resource and the citadel is in danger of dilapidation. Yellow shows the amount of resources used to build structures and plots in the next tick. Green shows the amount of resources not being used. These can be saved, although the amount saved is dependent on the size of the storehouse.

Clan leaders can set objectives for the resources.


Job listEdit

The job list shows which structures require upkeep for the next build tick.

Build tickEdit

The build tick is the amount of time left before the citadel updates again. In the interface, it shows the amount of time left until the next tick (it occurs weekly). This is when all changes to the layout and cost of the citadel occur, and also when the citadel dilapidates if there are not enough members.

Clan countEdit

The number of eligible players in the clan can be found in the interface. If there are enough clanmates to keep the citadel running in its current state, the number will be green. If there are not, it will be red.

Building your citadelEdit

Build TickEdit

The build tick takes place every week, exactly a week after the creation of the citadel. It will take place even if there are not enough members in the clan. During the tick, everyone in the citadel is given a three-minute warning to pick up dropped items, among other things. No one is allowed to enter the citadel during this time. After three minutes, everyone in the citadel is removed and the changes to the citadel in the past week will take place, in the following order:

  • Downgrades are executed, lowering or removing structures, and lowering the upkeep cost.
  • Any upkeep owed is paid, in order of priority.
  • Upgrades are executed, in order of priority. This includes new structures and customisation.

Unused resources will be spoiled after the tick, and destroyed. Some resources may be saved, depending on the size of the storehouse.

Tier Percentage kept Cap per resource
1 5% 1,000
2 10% 1,200
3 15% 1,500
4 20% 1,800
5 25% 2,100
6 30% 2,500
7 50% 3,000

Timber, stone, cloth and rations carry over from one tick to the next; minions, charcoal, ore and precious ore do not. Bars and precious bars have a cap and percentage equal to one-third of the other resources.

Due to this, it will take at least six weeks to upgrade to a tier 7 citadel.

To move the build tick to a better time, clan leaders may talk to the Quartermaster to push back the build tick up to six days. This costs the same amount as the total upkeep of the citadel for a week. It cannot be changed again until the new build tick has occurred once.

Six hours before the build tick and later, clan admins will not be able to make any changes to the citadel; only the clan owner will be able to do so.

Changing featuresEdit

Before the build tick, members with the construction permission may mark up to four buildings for construction and three customisatons for upgrading, and members with the downgrading permission may mark as many features as needed for downgrading or removal.


To upgrade the citadel tier, a certain number of non-probation clan members must visit the citadel per week.

Tier Members
1 5
2 10
3 15
4 20
5 25
6 35
7 50

If there are not enough members that visited the citadel in the week, there is a small leeway given, but admins will be warned to start recruiting. Upon the build tick, buildings will be dilapidated. If another build tick goes by and not enough members visit the citadel, it will be downgraded by one tier.


To build new structures, there must be enough resources in the pool to pay for upkeep. Every week, the clan may do one each of the following:

  • Upgrade the keep (Main building) and
  • Upgrade the storehouse or the battlefield and
  • Build two skill plots and
  • Change three customisations

To upgrade, select it from the building interface, and click the upgrade arrow. This shows the costs to upgrade, and if there are enough resources and a build slot, the upgrade button will be lit. Clicking it will mark it for building during the next tick. Structures may not be upgraded beyond the citadel tier, and each structure can only be upgraded one tier per tick.


Customisations are also changed upon the build tick. Like structures, there must be enough resources to pay upkeep before they can be paid for. Custom features can be changed, but not downgraded. They are added by talking to Artisan, but can be requested in the interface.

To build the feature, you must select the hotspot to put it in. If there is already a feature there, it will be replaced by the new version. In the interface, red dots show hotspots without custom features; green dots show hotspots that already have features, and brown dots show hotspots that are already marked for a new feature.

When a spot is chosen and clicked on, it will show the options for building, showing the resources needed. When the next tick comes, after upkeep is paid, the custom features will go into effect.


If upkeep is not paid in full, the buildings will dilapidate, although resources that were to be used for upkeep would not be paid. Tier 1 buildings will not be destroyed, but they will accumulate a debt twice that of the cost of the upkeep. Buildings will also dilapidate if there are not enough clan members.

This causes the clan's colours to be removed from the wall, the skill plots will function at a lower level, and the clan ring will not work.


The build priority list shows all downgrade, upkeep and upgrade costs, and which of those can be paid with the current resources. From this location, the jobs' priorities can be reordered or deleted if the player has the permissions.

Skill plotsEdit

Skill plots are where clans obtain resources to be able to maintain and upgrade the citadel and its buildings. Working on a skill plot has no level or tool requirement, but the higher the relevant level, the more experience gained per action (e.g. a level 99 woodcutter will get more experience per root cut than a level 70 woodcutter, and so on). The experience rate at the skill plots is often slower than a comparible activity on the surface. Strange rocks can be obtained from skill plots.

Upon creation of the citadel, only one plot will be active - a tier-1 woodcutting plot. Upgrading the skill plots require resources, and increases the efficiency of the plot. Upgrading the citadel itself also costs resources - substantially more than skill plots - but provides more obvious benefits like extra skill plot and decoration hotspots.

Upgrading the citadel also unlocks extra skill plots so that other materials can be gathered or processed.

Clan ringEdit

After gathering or processing enough resources in the citadel (e.g. 100 timber from a tier-1 tree), a clan ring becomes available for use. This gives a short period of 1.5x experience in a skill of the player's choice (a choice of the skills available to be trained in your citadel) when skilling on the surface. How much extra experience is given depends on your level in the skill and the tier or the resource hotspot associated with that skill.

Citadel tiers and skill plotsEdit

Upgrading the tier of the citadel unlocks more skill plots, in the following order:

Citadel tier Unlocked skill plot
1 Woodcutting plot
2 Mining plot (stone)
3 Firemaking plot, Mining plot (ore), Smithing plot (ore)
4 Mining plot (precious ore), Smithing plot (precious ore)
5 Crafting plot, Summoning plot
6 Cooking plot

Woodcutting plotEdit

The woodcutting plot is an enchanted Hornbeam tree, of which the roots can be cut for timber for the citadel. An axe is not required for this. Timber is either used directly as an upkeep or upgrade resource, or can be used to make charcoal in the firemaking plot.

Upgrading the woodcutting plot provides more roots to cut.

Mining plotEdit

The mining rock is a large rock with multiple veins or resources - stone (grey vein), ore (silver vein) and precious ore (gold vein) - for the citadel. A pickaxe is not required for this. Stone is used as an upkeep/upgrade resource, however ore and precious ore are not directly used in the citadel - they require processing (into metal bars and precious bars) before they can be used.

Upgrading the mining plot provides more veins to mine.

Firemaking plotEdit

The firemaking plot takes the shape of a charcoal kiln. By using some of the timber resource the kiln can be filled. Once full it will start generating charcoal. Charcoal is not directly used in the citadel - it is used to fuel the furnace in the smithing plot.

Upgrading the plot provides more kilns. All kilns need to be full for charcoal to be produced, but will generate charcoal at a higher rate.

Smithing plotEdit

The smithing plot is a furnace, where ore and precious ore is smelted into bars. There are three tasks that need to be performed at the furnace:

  1. Adding ore to the furnace (moving ore from the resource crates to the furnace) - once full the next stage becomes available
  2. Cooling the bars (moving bars from furnace to water trough) - once the mould is empty and the trough is full the next stage becomes available
  3. Depositing the cooled bars (moving the bars from the trough to the hatch) - once the trough is empty the resource crate will refill and the process begins again.

Using the furnace requires ore (or precious ore) and charcoal. Precious bars can only be made once the citadel reaches tier 4. Metal bars and precious bars are used as upkeep/upgrade materials.

Upgrading the smithing plot provides more furnaces, thus allowing bars to be generated at a higher rate.

Crafting plotEdit

The crafting plot is a loom which generates cloth when interacted with. Cloth is used as an upkeep/upgrade material.

Upgrading the crafting plot adds more looms, thus allowing cloth to be generated at a higher rate.

Summoning plotEdit

The summoning plot is a large obelisk with several smaller obelisks, and is used to summon minions. Several of the smaller obelisks need to be interacted with in order for a minion to be summoned at the large obelisk.

Minions are not required for any specific task in the citadel - instead, they count as any resource where needed.

Players can only use one tenth of their resource cap at the summmoning plot (see storehouse below), and completion of Wolf Whistle is required to use it.

Cooking plotEdit

The cooking plot is an outdoor food preparation area, where rations are generated. Three tasks can be performed here, although unlike the smithing plot they are not required in any order:

  • Preparing raw fish for cooking
  • Cooking fish on the barbeque
  • Making vegetable stew

Rations are used as an upkeep/upgrade material.

Upgrading the cooking plot adds more cooking stations, thus allowing rations to be generated at a higher rate.


The storehouse is where resources are stored during the build tick. All citadels start with a tier 1 storehouse. Upgrading the storehouse both increases the individual resource cap of every player, so that they can gather more items per build tick, and increases the amount of resources that are carried over to the next build cycle.

Individual resource capEdit

Every player has a resource cap, limiting the amount of resource that they can gather in the citadel. The resource cap applies to all resources, not to each individually - a player could use their entire resource cap gathering timber, or they could use it gathering some wood, then turning it into charcoal, then mining some ore and making bars. This ensures that if a clan wants their citadel to reach its very best that all the members work together.

The resource cap is reset every build tick.

The resource cap is increased by upgrading the storehouse:

Storehouse tier Resource cap
1 1,000
2 1,200
3 1,400
4 1,700
5 2,000
6 2,350
7 2,700

While in the citadel the current resource cap, and amount currently used, is displayed at the bottom of the citadel information screen.

Resource spoilingEdit

When the build tick occurs, most resources that are excess will spoil and be lost. The amount that is carried forward is the lower of (the percentage x excess) or (the maximum capacity of that teir of storehouse).

Storehouse tier Percentage
carried over
Maximum per
1 5% 1,000
2 10% 1,200
3 15% 1,500
4 20% 1,800
5 25% 2,100
6 30% 2,500
7 50% 3,000

For example, if a clan has a tier 1 storehouse (maximun capacity of 1000). And they have10,000 surplus wood, they keep the lower of 1,000 or (5% of 10,000) = 500 wood. So 500 is kept. Similarly, if a clan with a tier 7 storehouse has 10,000 surplus wood, the maximum is 3,000. 50% of 10,000 is 5,000. so 3,000 is kept.

The following resources are subject to the above percentages and caps:

  • Timber
  • Stone
  • Cloth
  • Rations

The following resources are subject to the same percentage but a cap one-third of the quantity:

  • Metal bars
  • Precious bars

The following resources will always spoil regardless of how many are available or how large the storehouse is:

  • Minions
  • Charcoal
  • Ore
  • Precious ore
  • Thus, a tier 1 storehouse may hold a maximum of:
  • 1,000


  • 1,000 Stone
  • 1,000 Cloth
  • 1,000 Rations
  • 333 Metal bars
  • 333 Precious bars
  • 0 Minions
  • 0 Charcoal
  • 0 Ore
  • 0 Precious ore

And similarly a tier 7 storehouse may hold a maximum of

  • 3,000 Timber
  • 3,000 Stone
  • 3,000 Cloth
  • 3,000 Rations
  • 1,000 Metal bars
  • 1,000 Precious bars
  • 0 Minions
  • 0 Charcoal
  • 0 Ore
  • 0 Precious ore

The number of resources carried over can be viewed via the storehouse interface.


Citadel welcome area

The Welcome Area

Welcome Area Clanmates and visitors are welcomed to the citadel inside the welcome area. Avalani will give players a handbook about the citadels if asked for them.

There is a meeting room inside the tent, which can be set to public or private.


The signpost can be used by clan members to mark other clans as friends or enemies. To set up a relationship with another clan, search for the clan and modify the status of their relationship. If the other clan has a citadel, an icon will appear to teleport to their citadel.


Members of the clan can view the noticeboard, which shows the logo and colours of the clan, messages, and any upcoming events. It is similar to the noticeboard found in the Clan Camp, but it also shows primary resource that the clan is collecting.


Citadel Keep

The Keep.

The keep is the central structure of your citadel. In it, clan members can hold meetings and celebrations in a large senate room surrounding a central podium.

Party RoomEdit

From tier three and above, a party room can be found in the keep. There is a dancefloor, places to sit, and a lever which will drop balloons (with party items such as fireworks and confetti). Unlike the Falador Party Room, it cannot be used for drop parties.

Meeting RoomsEdit

Town square

The Town Square.

There are four meeting rooms inside a citadel:

  • A large tent in the welcome area
  • Two small meeting rooms next to the party room
  • A senate on the ground floor of the keep

10 visitors can enter the small meeting rooms and tents. Meetings can be set to public or private; public meetings allow any clanmate to enter and talk, while private areas restrict access.

The first member to set up the private meeting will be able to decide which ranks enter, although they may not restrict access to those with higher ranks then themselves. There is also a ballot box where clan members may vote. If all clan members leave, the meeting will end.

The player who started the meeting may invite others to it, using the master invitation which expires after 15 minutes. To invite them, use the master invitation on them, and they will receive a meeting invitation, used to access the meeting. While any number of players may be invited to the meeting, only ten may be inside at any given time. These players do not have to be members of the clan, but they must have membership.

The senate is a place for big public meetings, with rows of benches and a podium for a speaker. Players may come and go as they wish.


Battlefield entrance

The entrance to the battlefield.

Battlefields are Safe. If players die during a match, they will not lose anything. They can be accessed by speaking with the Battlemaster. He will let players with the appropriate permissions edit, initiate and enter battles.


A player starting a battle can use the battle interface to choose rules. Once they have been confirmed, the battlefield generates and players are sent to the field. Once the timer has fully counted down, players may start fighting and earning points. The battle ends when the conditions set forth by the battle creator are met.

Rule ListEdit
Rule Description
Battlefield layout If your clan has more than one battlefield layout, you can select which one you would like to use for your battle with this dropdown box.
Combat style Controls whether the battlefield is a single-way or multiway combat area.
Enable PVP Controls whether or not the battlefield is a PVP area.
Reward for killing players Specify what a player will receive for killing a neutral player, or players on the opposite team.
Team vs team You can choose to have no teams, make team choice optional, or enforce a team choice.
Battle ends when a team scores... Sets the number of points that a team must score to cause the battle to end.
Battle ends when a player scores... Sets the number of points that a player must score to cause the battle to end.
Battle ends after... How the battle should be finished.
When time is up, winner is... Sets how the game will choose a winner once the time limit has been reached.
Forbid melee Stops melee skills being used.
Forbid ranging Stops the Ranged skill being used.
Allow magic spells In addition to the usual toggle, a battle may be restricted to the standard spellbook, or to binding spells.
Forbid summoning Stops the Summoning skill being used.
Forbid food Stops food from being used.
Forbid drinks Stops drinks from being used.
Forbid prayer Stops the Prayer skill being used.
Players with flags or balls may be tackled... Allows you to stop players tackling others.
Lighting Sets the battlefield to be during the day or at night.


For a list of usable battlefield elements, see list of Battlefield elements.

Anyone with the correct permissions may edit the battlefield by speaking with the Battlemaster. You will go to a version of your battlefield where you can edit the items in place. Up to 200 items may be placed on the battlefield, in any combination, from the menu. Up to five people may edit the battlefield at a time.


  • Avalani - Helps create citadels. Gives players a handbook and gives information about their history.
  • Artisan - Customizes features in return for resources.
  • Battlemaster - Gives access to the battlefield, and helps organize games.
  • Quartermaster - Keeps track of all of the changes to the citadel. Changes the build tick on request, and gives clan rings.
  • Master Guard - Head of security. Prevents access to certain parts of the citadel if requested. Gives out clan capes.



To access security, click the cog in the clan chat interface. There are three tabs in it.


With the correct permissions, clan members may view sanctions against a clanmate, or ban them from the citadel (or individual parts of it). They may also mute a clanmate from the clan chat. If a player is banned from the citadel, they will have a three-minute warning before they are kicked out. From here you can also change a clan member's title and ranking.

Clan SettingsEdit

The clan settings are where clan administrators can allow guests into the chat, to let them speak, to allow them into the citadel, and to choose who may view clan relationships. The signpost permissions and guest access may only be changed wile in the citadel.

This also allows clan leaders to set a homeworld, time zone, national flag, and thread.

Clan PermissionsEdit

The permissions tab is where clan administrators can change permissions for ranks. For the chat category, all ranks above the one toggled are given those permissions; for the rest, the permission is for that particular rank. The following permissions can be changed:

  • Rank may set access rights to the keep
  • Rank may set access rights to the Citadel
  • Rank may access the keep
  • Rank may access the Citadel
  • Rank may recruit new members
  • Rank may lead a Rated Clan War
  • Rank may set access rights to the keep
  • Rank may set access rights to the Citadel
  • Rank may access the keep
  • Rank may access the Citadel
  • Rank may recruit new members
  • Rank may lead a Rated Clan War
  • Rank may alter the noticeboard*
  • Rank may alter the signpost*
  • Rank may start a private meeting
  • Rank may start a vote
  • Rank may start a battlefield game
  • Rank may operate the party room
  • Rank may operate the theatre
  • Rank may upgrade buildings *
  • Rank may downgrade buildings *
  • Rank may edit the Battlefield *
  • Rank may transfer resources *
  • Rank may set gathering goals *
Rank may move the build tick **

Permissions with a * may only be granted to administrators or higher. Permissions with ** may only be granted to overseers or higher.


For tier 7 citadels, a dragon can be created with the customisation interface. It costs lots of resources to buy and upkeep. It comes in green, blue, red, black and frost.

Clan ring detailed
Clan rings

Clan rings give a 1.5-times experience boost while skilling on RuneScape, off the citadel. If you have gathered enough resource, you will get a message to talk to the Quartermaster to claim your ring. He will give an uncharged ring, which can be charged by using it on one of the skill plots. The ring will give bonus experience in that skill. The amount is dependent on your level, and the tier of the plot.


  • Currently, all worlds associated with the Clan Citadel are worlds 173+. They do not appear in the Lobby screen. You MUST enter your Citadel to be switched to one of these worlds, and all members of a clan will be brought into the same world as one another when they enter the Citadel.
  • When attempting to teleport from a Clan Citadel, players get the message 'You cannot teleport from an instance shard world'. This is most likely because Citadels are hosted on their own servers instead of regular Runescape worlds, and players from many different Runescape worlds may inhabit the same Citadel world.
  • It is possible that the Clan Citadels are the remnants of ancient Armadylian fortresses, as revealed in the bonus message at the end of Cryptic Clue Fest III.
  • There is a bug that if you do not put an exit portal in the battlefield, you will not be able to get out or enter your citadel after logging out.
  • The Clan Citadel was the first location in RuneScape to feature skyboxes , even though the RuneTek 5 engine made skyboxes possible in September of 2009.
  • Currently if you sit on a bench within the Keep, and then equip an easter ring, the player will still transform but only the top of the egg will come out of the bench. When wearing a Brooch when doing this, it will look as if the player is invisible. When one or both is unequipped after morphing, the player will stand inside the bench, while their feet do not appear. This glitch has yet to be fixed.
  • Currently any sittable surface within the Citadel may be occupied by more than one person.
  • If you speak to a Guard in your Clan Citadel while wearing a full Chicken outfit, the Guard will exclaim 'Aha! Another one! C'mere, chicky, I've a wizard paying a bounty per head on you!' If you are only wearing a portion of the outfit, the Guard will instead say 'Are you trying to fool me? That's ridiculous!'
  • You don't need a hatchet for chopping roots in the Citadel, even though the player is shown holding one. (Appears as a Rune Hatchet).
  • The Citadel map system is a quick way of traveling one place to another (i.e. Portal to Skill Plot). Strangely enough however, your character is not shown teleporting nor walking but just appears in the given area...
  • By clicking on the portal shown on the homescreen, you are redirected to information about Clan Citadels
  • If you sit on a bench in the keep, stand up then rest in the legs out in front position your character appears to be hovering..
  • Also, if you have a clan ring, you will not be able to claim another one until you've used up the last one


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