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Channelowner iconFounders:
The Excel, Noble Frailty, Kyle Myster, DiatomicDemo, Bellack
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Optional uniform:
Full Steel Armour
30+ CB for official membership CC open to all

About Edit

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Clan Zibens is a clan of fighters of others, but also of themselves. Inter-clan conflict is one of the things that sets us apart from the others, the reason we are different even. We are also a member of the Dark Empire meaning we have frequent inter-union battles. Keeping us not only connected to our allies but allowing us to really interact. Our two Holy Guilds allow others to meat up with people interested in the same gods more easily and for more easily handled public meetings. Our main leader Dark Arc is constantly patrolling not only our clan page but many others. Our website is one of the most advanced of any clan's site. It features chat, forums, images, videos, and much much more. if your interested in joining just go to our Wiki forum or website.

Holy Guilds Edit

Lords Rebels
Leaders Leaders
Ranks Ranks
About About

Ranks Edit

Ranks very by Guild please see the Lords and Rebels pages.

Point System Edit

Gaining Points Edit

Points Table
Accomplishment Reward Clan Event 10
Creating an Event 50
Clan Bank Donation* 2
Drop Party* 1

*+ 1 Point : 1GP

There are a variety of things you can do to get points. Please see the Points Table for more information.

Spending Points

Just like there are many ways to get points there are many ways to spend them too. See Prizes Table for more information. (More rewards coming)

Prizes Table
Thing Points Bank Drop (1m) 1000
Buy an item 1000000

User Points Edit

Clan Relations Edit

Allies Edit

Enemies Edit

  • None

*Indirect relationship

History Edit

Beginning Edit

The Clan started out as a merge between Amanecer and Knight Mare eventually though the leader of Amanecer scrapped the project. Still optimistic Dark Arc wanted to make the clan a reality. The original name for the Project was "God Wars" but, Dark Arc found this name lacking, and he changed it to the current name Zibens.

Dark Arc at this time realized this would take a lot of work and even though the clan's work had begun as early as the middle of January the clan no longer a project was announced as a reality for the first time and was set for a release date of March 2, 2011.

Dark Arc later moves this back to April 12th. This was caused when wind of the clan updates hit Dark. A layout for recruitment has beeen setup, and may chsnge as times go on.

Gallery Edit


Glitch at Knight Mare Castle Wars event



Dark Encounters Revs Found the Revs again Snork!

Trivia Edit

  • The Clan's colors weren't always black and red in the early days they were white and red.
  • The origonal Clan Name was god wars.
  • Others besides Dark Physik and the founders helped build the idea including the leaders of Army of Saradomin, The Divide, and others.
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