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The symbol of Zaros

Zaros' Knights is a clan dedicated to serving the Empty Lord Zaros. We are looking for recruits. 4 of our 5 members are mainly inactive. We are looking for recruits. Here is our Runescape page:


To rank up, you must prove to me you are a true warrior, and can contribute to the clan and Zaros. Regular ranking events will be held once we get active members.

Recruitment InfoEdit

To be recruited, you pretty much have to ask me to join. Email me at with this information:



Combat Levels

Preferred weapons/armor

How long you've been on Runescape

Your Affiliation With Zaros: (Can be lore/made up)

Clan infoEdit

John2ny7 is the clan leader. If a member is trying to mess up the clan or being a general jerk, I will not hesitate to kick/ban you from the clan. We will be doing clan wars, etc once we get more members. We also help each other out with quests and money and skilling.

Clan Statuses
Owner John2ny7
Normal meeting place The Grand Exchange Entrance
Purpose Meeting and Arranging events
Active Members


Inactive Members





Motto Might to Zaros!

About meEdit

I've been on Runescape for a few years, I prefer melee combat with longswords and sheilds. I have leve 44 Def and Att, and have Ancient armor to use for when I can.

Art of Lord Zaros

Art of zaros

I have served zaros since I started.
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