Wrath of Zamorak
Wrath of Zamorak
Team Cape
Yes, Team 46 (by Edgeville) for ease
70+ Combat for Melee, 40+ Range for Rangers, 50+ Magic for Magers
F2P or P2P
F2P preferably, although we do accept and welcome P2P
One or so a week, most events pending
Types of Events
Clan Wars, Free for All arena (SAFE, Duel Areana, Fist of Guthix, and other fun events!
PM in game @ Singj5 or email me at for more info

We are a F2P/P2P clan, hoping to be a fun and enjoyable clan. Me myslef (Singj5) is my first time hosting a formal clan, so if any of you have any expericance

that would be great.


  • No harrasing, insulting, or mean behaviour is alowed. You will be kicked off the clan channel immediatley if you swear or do any of these actions,
  • ALWAYS obey Jagex's rules, no spamming, flamming, or disrupteve behaviour.
  • Life comes before runescape, have fun with your real friends, do you chores, schoolwork, and sports outside of the computer.
  • Always ask if you can help out the clan! We need help!

The clothes requirements are not limited to just zammy, although all co-leaders/leaders should have full or atleast one piece of Rune Zamorak. The team

46 cape is needed to be worn by ALL in the clan, so make sure you have it! You should have at least 5k of gp for special events, betting, etc.

No one under the requirements is let in unless I allow! No exceptions!

We our currently workng on a title picture, etc.

I cannot be on all the time as I have strict computer usage time because of my parents. So expect the odd event to be cancelled or orginized elsewhere!

All the main information is in the Infobox on the right, so I guess that summs it up! PM me in-game or email me at


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