Please continue to use the old fashioned 'Friends Chat' channels (the green people tab) for penguin hunting.

The (friends) chats, in order of use, remain:

  • World60Pengs
  • W60pengz
  • W60pengu
  • W60pengy - used to organize the hunt for the invisible ("ghost") penguin

Or go to the thread in Minigames and D&Ds, Penguin Locations v###. (### changes weekly.)

Please note
  • Five penguins are worth 2 points only upon completion of the Cold War quest. Without it, all normal penguins are worth one point.
  • Penguins are named based on where they spawn. Penguins move and can be in different places on different worlds at any time.

For more information on Penguin Hide & Seek in general, see the article on the RuneScape wiki.


Team Penguin also runs tours to all non-wild, visible penguins. All you have to do is to follow a tour guide.

For schedules and times of the tour buses, or if you want to help the Team with the tours, please see the thread in Minigames and D&Ds:

Team Penguin Tours inc (v3), by Canada Grrl, QFC: 75-76-273-63431333.

Tour buses use the friends chats:

  • W60express
  • W60tours
  • World60bus
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