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In the six years it has existed, WG has hosted hundreds of wars, and taken on clans and forces such as Damage Incorporated, Dark Slayers, Violent Resolution, Reign of Terror, and many more. The clan has several advocates that set it aside from other clans, and a history of PvP relationships with other clans (alliances and rivalries).



WG's first raid, and only surviving RuneScape Classic screenshot, 6/12/2003

Since the beginning, WildGuard has been a strong advocate of Honour. Originally, the clan advocated Anti-Player Killing, or APKing, influenced by The Sabres and their efforts to protect skillers in the early days of RuneScape (Before PvP was limited to the Wilderness). However, WG has since recognised the importance of PKers in the Wilderness, and for a long time have advocated Anti-Random Player Killing, or ARPKing. In both cases, the underlying focus of "protecting the innocent" has always remained the same. This belief is reinforced in the clan's motto, "We are the Shield of the Innocent". The motto was suggested by Wildflame110 as "We are the Shield of the Weak", which was changed to "Innocent" by His Lordship.

While some people question the relevance of ARPKing today, WG owes much of its previous success to the idea. Despite the clan's focus changing from protecting skillers and innocents, WG has always remained faithful to the ARPKing policy. A common misconception is that WG does not PK at all - this is incorrect.

The first #1 rule of the clan stated:

Under no circumstances must any member of the Wilderness Guardians PK a player with no skull above his or her head. Death pays death, and those who enter the Wilderness to kill for fun have no business with this clan whatsoever.[1]

The original policies of the clan consisted of 7 basic rules and beliefs, which were adopted in the AvidGamers days. Even so, there were periods in the history of the clan in which these rules were disregarded by the members, who would simply attack anyone in the wilderness unless they were verbally told not to. Several repressions were made on the rules, and WG started offering services to non-WG under the ARPKing concept. During the Z6 era, if someone was killed by a WG member or members while they themselves were not PKing, they were entitled to be paid for items lost as well as a compensation fee from their attackers if evidence could be provided[2]. As well as this, WG offered Protection services for players Abyss runecrafting, killing green dragons, mining Rune or doing clue scrolls, or for clans requiring an Anti-Crash for wars[3].

Controversy over the existence of Anti-RPKing arose after 10/12/07 when the wilderness was removed, as the wilderness became safe on the majority of the RuneScape worlds. After the PvP and Bounty worlds update, WildGuard's Code of Honour changed appropriately - removing the redundant "skulls" system and replacing it with details on defining "random" players, which were:

...People who are in the wilderness who are CLEARLY not there for a fight, for example EP gainers.[4]

The modern Code of Honour

During The Reckoning on June 20th 2011, this was reverted back to the Skulls system. As of today, the Rules and Requirements of WildGuard are split into 4 sections:

  • Rules - which outlines general clan rules.
  • Requirements - which outlines what requirements applicants must meet to join the clan.
  • Rights - which outlines the rights that every member has in the clan.
  • Code of Honour - which details the Honour and ARPKing concepts for members, with or without WG.

The policy of not attacking non-skulled players is strongly emphasised and enforced. It is at the discretion of whoever is leading the event if the clan is allowed to kill autoers/bots or not.

Classic Clan CampaignEdit

The Classic Clan Campaign was a movement conceived in late 2007. As quoted in the clan's history:

Wilderness success was a major problem for WG as the year drew to a close. The clan adaopted a warring-only policy, because it could not keep up with PK run-ins, which lasted many hours and required dozens of rune sets. Our members could not afford this level of input into fights, and so the clan stuck to warring, which was far less popular than the PKRI. WG launched the classic clan campaign, explaining these policies, hoping that other clans would join in the restoration of the noble warring tradition - the tradition that WG had been following for almost four years.

The campaign was WG's push to preserve elements of the old clan world that were being phased out. To this day, WG do not host PKRIs over an hour in length, and enjoy past warring traditions, such as marching up from Edgeville and banning newly introduced items.

The EventEdit


The Drop Party

The actual promotional event was announced in late October/early November of 2007[5]. It was a public event, and was announced on several fansites. Multiple clans also received invitations via their forums, such as The Gladiatorz[6].

The event took place on November 10th, for which hundreds of players attended. It took place mainly in Falador and consisted of five sections: Burthope Games Room (unannounced to the public), a a speech about the campaign, a Drop Party, a Firefest and Flower Power. WG's costume for the event was full H.A.M. clothing.

2010 Old-School WarsEdit


The first war, against The Gladiatorz

In late 2010, WG started a series of "old-school" wars, which consisted of gear restrictions limited to almost completley pre-2005 equipment. This included the banning of many modern items such as Helms of Neitiznot, Team Capes, Rune Crossbows and so on. Three wars were organised over a 2-month period against The Gladiatorz, Australian Army and Oblivion. The wars were also hosted in abstract locations: the Stronghold of Player Safety, the Varrock sewers, and atop the Al Kharid Palace respectively.

The Gladiatorz was first and arguably the most successful. WG massed at Oo'glog for the pool bonuses, where a pre-war speech was given. They then made their way over to Edgeville and into the Stronghold. Gladz gave a clean and respectable fight, although WG outpulled by around 14 people so were guaranteed the win.

The Australian Army fight did not go so well. AA did not abide to the old-school gear rules, bringing Niets, team capes and using Ancient Curses. Several AA members also used Rings of Life, and at least one broke the war boundaries[7]. Even so, WG still had a strong victory.

The Oblivion war took place as planned, but ended in a defeat for WG. There was unfortunately no recap for the event, so the exact conditions of the war are unknown.


Wilderness Guardians vs Rune OutlawsEdit

WG - First Blood

WG - First Blood

WG vs RO
November 27th, 2004
Full-out, F2P
Wilderness Guardians
Rune Outlaws
WG, by default

WG's first war was against the Rune Outlaws, held on November 27th, 2004. Around or before November 14th, an unknown member of the Rune Outlaws sent a message via a form used for alliance or war requests to WG. The message contained insults directed at His Lordship's combat level, and stated "[The Rune Outlaws] can kill [WG] anytime". Upon receiving the message, His Lordship attempted to contact a RO official. He spoke originally with Deadlyjosh, a Paladin of RO on November 16th, who claimed he was in charge and could accept the declaration. His Lordship requested a full-out war, while Deadlyjosh wanted a matched-opts fight of no more than 20v20. Eventually, a full-scale war was agreed upon after a long and heated debate. The war was finalised with Renesito, the leader of RO on November 21st.

War details were arranged for Saturday, November 27th 2004, at midnight (Sunday) GMT. The war took place in F2P, on world 20. However, on the day of the war, a member of the Knights of Death requested a war with WG as well. His Lordship, believing it was a RO member, provided the details of the RO war. KoD believed WG wanted to fight them at that time. KoD had originally planned to fight WG with The Synergy, who called WG for help, but later backed out themselves. His Lordship agreed to fight KoD directly after RO.

WG, led by His Lordship, made their way up to the Demonic Ruins and charged from the west, but found only looters and spies. With RO nowhere in sight, the WG members lowered their guard. Only seconds later, KoD rushed in from the south-east and hit the unprepared WildGuard. It is unclear when RO became involved. An intense three-way fight ensured, and the battle spread halfway across the Wilderness. All sides suffered heavy casualties. After a while, WG pulled out of the fight. However, RO was later exposed for cheating by wearing multiple capes, leaving and re-entering the war zone, and bringing friends and allies (Anarchy was also present, according to some sources).

Very little was known about the WG vs RO vs KoD war except for the clan's history's account. On November 2nd, 2009, surviving footage of the war (Recorded by Wildflame110 of WG) was edited and released by WG Keanu as a video entitled WG - First Blood (inset) to YouTube. The video shows WG walking to the Demonic Ruins and the start of the fight; however, the footage ends only a few minutes after the fight began, as Wildflame accidentaly backspace-logged out. Two other members, Noricle and Maxrobinsun, also were known to have recorded the war - though the whereabouts of the footage are unknown.

Wilderness Guardians vs Dead on ArrivalEdit

Wilderness Guardians vs Dead on Arrival

Wilderness Guardians vs Dead on Arrival

WG vs DoA
July 9th, 2005
Full-out, P2P
Wilderness Guardians
Dead on Arrival
Undecided, crashed by Followers of Malkov

Hosted on July 9th, 2005, the Wilderness Guardians vs Dead on Arrival (Two of the top clans at the time) war and video have become famous throughout the clan world. Noted for it's methods and tactics, it was the first P2P war to incorporate the use of Ancient Magics (A standard almost always used in P2P PvP today). WildGuard was the projected victor, with a turnout of around 120 members (~360 "opts" or Options), while DoA pulled around 100 members (300 opts).

WG was the attacking clan, and the fight took place at the Demonic Ruins (Also known as the Greater Demons or shortened to "Gdz"). Within 30 seconds of the start of the battle, over 3,500 damage was struck. The war itself, unfortunately, was crashed by the clan Followers of Malkov (About 10 minutes after the death of the cameraman, with many WG and DoA still fighting), and the victor was unresolved.

The WG vs DoA was WG's first P2P war, and His Lordship says that it was the best war he has ever attended in over 5 years of wars. The RuneScape fansite Zybez (RuneScape Community) continuously votes the video of the war as the most enjoyable clan video to watch, and it has been described as having obtained "classic" status in WG and the clan world of RuneScape. WG vs DoA began WG's domination of P2P PvP for the following year.

It is also noteable that this was the first time WG's massing location was at Juliet's house in Varrock. This has become a historical location for the clan, and many more of the important wars in WildGuard's history have been massed for here.

X vs Dark Slayers + FAEdit

X vs ds

X vs ds

X vs DS
July 23rd, 2006
Full-out, F2P
Wilderness Guardians
Descendant Guardians
Chivalry Legions
Rune Raiders
Rune Raiders Juniors
Dark Slayers
Dark Slayers Future Applicants

The war, known as "X vs DS" was hosted on July 23rd, 2006. Group "X" was composed of the Wilderness Guardians, their junior clan Descendant Guardians, Chivalry Legions, Rune Raiders, and RR Juniors. "DS" was a combination of Dark Slayers and their future applicants. A source from 2008 suggests that WG/DG and RR/RR Juniors had ~200 members present each, while CL had ~170, totalling around the 570-member mark. X had multiple fall-ins. His Lordship's fall-in had 372 opts as is shown from the video prior to the start of the war. A click on DS's fall-in showed they had at least 110 members, although someone is noted to have said "Omg ds have 600 opts", so it is likely that there were more.

The deathmarch of X started at Juliet's house in Varrock, and followed the course of through the Barbarian Village to the Monastery (To recharge prayer and gain the +1 bonus), then into the wild, and ending at the Demonic Ruins. With an estimated 500+ people involved, it is the single largest deathmarch in RuneScape history.

The battle itself started at the typical war location - the large, open area of flat land west of the Demonic Ruins and south of the Members' Gate. His Lordship was one of the first piles, and was KOed instantly, with time only to say "Go". Despite DS being drastically outnumbered, X lost the war, as the vast majority of the clan fell victim to KOs from DS's unchallenged organization and skill.

The video was filmed by Jrm_04 of X, and uploaded to YouTube on February 3rd, 2007. Despite it containing legendary and historical footage from one of the greatest wars in RuneScape, it has gained only around 400 views.

The Great WarEdit


The plaque created for the Great War, with the listing of all 47 attendees

The Great War
January 31st, 2010
Full-out, P2P
Wilderness Guardians
The British Crusaders
The British Crusaders

One of the most important wars in WG's history, and only one of two which have been given a special title. After events which happened in 2008/2009, WG had begun to lose the strength and effort to progress forwards. On January 23rd, His Lordship addressed the issues and WG's plans for the future in a video known as the Great Announcement. The video, which included an address from Council/Warlord Stokenut, also outlined an upcoming war against Dragonwood on the 31st.

With only a week's preparation given, it was intense. His Lordship followed up the announcement with three war-prep videos and a Flash banner, although he himself could not attend (Due to the real-life meeting #3 taking place). Only hours before the war, Dragonwood pulled out, so WG declared on The British Crusaders for the same day and time.

WG massed 47 members at Juliet's house in Varrock (An amazing turnout for only a 1-week prep - something WG could not have achieved 6 months previously), each with over 2,000,000 coins worth of gear. Several WG members even changed their RuneScape names for the war (To variations of "WE GOT TEA", a WG reference joke). Despite the incredible amount of work and effort put in by everyone, TBC outpulled with 54 and won the war. However, a large amount of respect from the clan community was paid to both clans, and the war is considered by WG as a morale victory.

The Battle of Turning TidesEdit

WG - The Battle of Turning Tides

WG - The Battle of Turning Tides

WG Keanu's video of the Turning Tides war

The Battle of Turning Tides
June 27th, 2010
Full-out, P2P
Wilderness Guardians
Dangerous Business
Wilderness Guardians

Also shortened to the "Turning Tides war", the fight between WildGuard and Dangerous Business is the second war to be given a unique name. Hosted on June 27th, 2010, His Lordship had originally considered 20 other clans for the war before finalising it with DB. DB were the only clan who would accept the conditions of a P2P, non-returning PvP war on a Sunday.

The war had one week's preparation, during which His Lordship released a preparation video in the form of a Flash movie. The movie is in the style of a news report, and features various members of WildGuard (All voices were done by His Lordship). It is considered His Lordship's greatest Flash preparation video. An edited verson of the video was released to the public, and can be found here. Signatures were made in a film ticket-style, as well as a Flash-style banner. His Lordship stated that all attendees of the war were to get a limited-edition GuardianScore medal, have their names entered in a draw for a WG T-shirt or cash equivalent, and to have their charater drawn in the next clan Flash movie. The draw for the WG T-shirt was held on July 4th, and was won by RiGiiD.

The clan massed on World 56 at Juliet's House (As with the Great War and others before it) at 7:00 PM GMT, where His Lordship gave a pre-war speech. The clan walked up to the Monastery where they recharged prayer. WildGuard travelled to the Moss Giants via the Rune Rocks (causing some disruption with revenants), and hopped to the war world of 72. WG was the attacking clan, and charged DB at the Members Gate. One of the most renowned screenshots from the war is WG's opening spam of "Unleash the Guardian Power!" in red, which went off the screen in a 1280x800 resolution.


The opening spam of the Turning Tides war, from raw video footage

Within seconds, many DB were instantly KOed, and WG quickly ended the war in less than 20 minutes. Allegedly, WildGuard only sustained 3 casualties. Their options were counted about 3 minutes into the war, and the total was 114 (38 members) in the Clan Chat. Dangerous Business had 72 options (24 members), confirmed by a leader. Even so, DB was recognised for a great performance, and even matched WildGuard's expensive gear (comprised of more Dragon than Rune). The war gained massive respect for both clans on fansites. WildGuard's victory had ended their losing streak, as they had not won an official war in over half a year.

A total of five videos of the war were made by three different members of the clan: Underciege, WGStarbreakr (1), (2), and two by WG Keanu (#1 Included). The latter two of these four include His Lordship's pre-war speech, and WG_Keanu's is described by His Lordship as "...the new best WG video, overtaking the DOA war." WG_Keanu later released a 5th video as a clan-only "Director's Cut" version. This version has less special effects and includes audio segments, but not available to the public due to the inclusion of battle tactics and strategies.

It is also noteable that His Lordship attended this war in a Fighter Torso - with incredibly lower mage defence bonus than the recommended Black Dragonhide body. A similar event occured in the WG vs DoA, where His Lordship wore a Gnome Amulet.



WildGuard in a PK Run-In with Welfarers, August 2010

One of the more common and frequent PvP events that WildGuard hosts is the Raid. In clan terms, this event is usually known as a "PKing trip" and is held by almost all combat-based syndicates. However, the term "Raid" originated from the clan's early alliance with The Sabres in 2003, which were known as "Patrols". His Lordship coined the term "Raid" based on this, which is contrary to the popular belief that the term originated in the MMO World of Warcraft. Attendance to planned Raids is mandatory, unless the person is occupied in real life at the time.

Raiding involves the clan massing at a designated location, and then going out PKing (Player Killing). The event takes place in the Wilderness. During the PvP and Bounty Worlds era, the clan would visit Falador on the PvP worlds, and raids have known to have been hosted in the free-for-all Clan Wars arena before the release of PvP/Bounty worlds. Raids are more frequently P2P, although many F2P opportunities are still available.

A Raid may be either planned or spontaneous. In the past, WG is known to have had seven planned Raids at a time (Reoccuring daily), although this has been reduced to three per week in recent times. Raids are hosted for three major timezones: America, Europe and Australasia. The clan will group on a specific world (Normally the home world of 27), usually at Edgeville. Because of the lack of action in deep wilderness, the focus is on the Revenant Caves (Forinthry Dungeon) in P2P, although deeper areas such as the Rune Rocks, Demonic Ruins and Rogues' Fortress are not omitted entirely.

PKRIs (In the traditional form of a PK Run-In with another group) are not uncommon. WildGuard is renowned for having taken on and, on many occasions cleared, many other syndicates during raids. In the past era, WG would constantly host fights against the CCs like Welfarers, Jaja Legacy and Mlp Maku. In the Rev Caves, there are no major threats. WG has also shed blood many times with true clans such as Violent Resolution and Reign of Terror.



WildGuard on a F2P Megaraid, August 2010

A special type of raid hosted by the clan is the "Megaraid". Megaraids are one of the most important types of events hosted by Wildguard, and every clan member is required to at least sign up, and attend unless they are occupied in real life. These events usually have extensive preparation and hype, sometimes involving the use of the clan's SMS service and forum PM systems for maximum success.

The actual happenings of a Megaraid combine all other elements of normal raids (Opponents, locations, etc). Like all other events, the sole purpose of a Megaraid is for enjoyment - however, the above-average hype usually results in a much better turnout which increases the success of the raid. PK Run-ins are not uncommon, and with the increased amount of members, the chances of success are much higher. In past years, one of the three reoccuring weekly raids would be chosen to be a Megaraid - however, today these are hosted far less to preserve the effects.



WG has had alliances with the following clans. Present alliances are bold.

  • 3v0lution_X
  • Blades of Serenity, ? - October 28th, 2007 (Uncertain)
  • British Elites, The, July 21st, 2007 - June 24th, 2010
  • Council of Dragons, The (Federation), January 3rd, 2004 - ~January 2005
  • Death Jesters (Federation, formed from The Synergy)
  • Death Monkeighs, The, April 22nd, 2008[8] - June 24th, 2010
  • Fear
  • Ghostknights
  • Kentai Shadows (Federation, no historical record of alliance)
  • Knights of Death (Federation, but did not accept WG's alliance request)
  • Legends Legion, January 3rd, 2005 - ?
  • Order, The
  • Phobia (Junior clan of Fear)
  • Reckoning Day
  • Retribution (Federation)
  • Royal Kingdom of Asgarnia, The (Federation)
  • RuneScape Warriors, The, August 5th, 2004 - ?
  • RuneScape Scorpions, The (Noted as "The Scorpions")
  • Sabres (Federation), December 7th, 2003 - ?, ? - ?, November 13th, 2010 - Present
  • Sleeping Dragons (Federation, formed from The Synergy)
  • Synergy, The (Federation, formed from WildGuard)
  • Zero Tolerance, May 22nd, 2009 - October 24th, 2010[9]

WildGuard also had unofficial alliances with Triforce and Dead on Arrival.

The SabresEdit


WildGuard and The Sabres on a WS Raid, July 3rd 2010

The Sabres are one of only two pre-game clans (alongside 'The' Clan) which still exist today, and are recognised by Jagex as the oldest clan in RuneScape. Only a few hours after WildGuard's opening, Mortus Sabre posted a reply to WildGuard's recuitment topic on Rune Village. His Lordship remembers it similar to:

"Finally, a clan with morals. You have the support of the Sabres."

Unsure what the post implied, WildGuard took the opportunity to request an alliance with the clan. TS became the first ally of the Wilderness Guardians on December 9th, 2003. The alliance lasted until the S4 era, when a crisis in The Sabres led to the clan ending all alliances, including WildGuard's. TS did take part in a bronze war with WildGuard and The Synergy prior to WG's anniversary during the mid-S4 days. They also took part in the 5-way steel war for the 7th day of the anniversary itself, alongside The Synergy, WildGuard, Fear and the Legends Legion.


WG Keanu (Third from left) with The Sabres during their first Real Life meeting

In early 2005, WG approached TS again requesting an alliance, which was accepted. Around mid-2005, the Federation was restarted by the 6 major Anti-RPK clans, including TS and WG. However, in the mid-S10 days, WG left the Federation, but retained The Synergy and The Sabres as allies. Not much else is recorded in WildGuard's history concerning The Sabres. It is known, however, that the alliance was broken for a second time in 2006. According to His Lordship, Kira Sabre ended the alliance for the second time, after months of trying to do so. Kira denies this.[10]

On November 10th, 2009, Sabre Chilli re-proposed an alliance, and the third WG/TS alliance was accepted on November 13th by Darth Magul of WG. On November 22nd, The Sabres asked WildGuard to Anti-crash for a PvP war they were hosting. The war was crashed by Noobs Incorporated. Several days later on December 6th, WG and TS sought out NI on an allied raid. The two Anti-RPKing powers cleared NI twice in one night, and sustained no casualties in the battles at all. The allied raids, formerly known as "WS" (Or "SG", for "Wilderness Sabres" or "Sabre Guardians") are hosted weekly, along with WG's junior clan Descendant Guardians.

WG Keanu also represented WG for TS's first two real life meetings on August 14th (pictured) and November 6th 2010, and Sean Sabre represented TS during WG's 5th real life meeting on August 28th. The third WG/TS alliance is considered WG's most fruitful and beneficial alliance ever.

The FederationEdit


A Federation line, July 2005

The Federation was a syndicate of clans which shared advocates such as honour, anti-scamming and Anti-RPKing. WG were considered the strongest Anti-PKing clan in the Federation[11], and shared alliances with all of the Federation clans. The ones known are as follows:

  • Council of Dragons
  • Dark Dragon Breath[12]
  • Death Jesters
  • DeepSea Knights[13]
  • Descendant Guardians
  • Horses/Horse Men of The Apocalypse*[14][15]
  • Imperials*[16]
  • Iron Throne Guild[17]
  • Kentai Shadows
  • Knights of Death
  • Ministry of Carnage[18]
  • Retribution
  • Royal Kingdom of Asgarnia
  • Sabres
  • Sleeping Dragons*
  • Soul Knights*[19]
  • Synergizers Clan[20]
  • Synergy
  • Wilderness Guardians

A source from November 2008 states that minor clans involved in the Federation (Marked with an *) were Clan HTAO (Mistaken for HOTA?), The Imperials, The Soul Knights and Sleeping Dragons[21]. His Lordship has stated that the only clan which could be taken seriously from the 4 is Sleeping Dragons.

WildGuard originally joined the Federation after an invite from The Sabres on December 19th, 2003.

WG was one of several clans which helped reform the Federation in 2005. The earliest existing topic of the re-formed Federation is from May 15th, 2005[22]. The forums were officially released to WildGuard on May 28th[23].

During a raid known as The Grand Federation Raid on September 25th, 2005[24], a dispute arose concerning levels and leadership[25]. Drama and flames ensued, and WG was brought into the mix[26]. Rick Hamm made the decision to withdraw WG from the Federation entirely on September 30th, 2005[27]. WG retained alliances with the Sabres and Synergy. Prospects for rejoining were considered, but ultimately denied.

Feuds and RivalriesEdit

WG has had disputes with the following clans:

  • The Synergy
  • Rune Outlaws
  • The Revolution
  • Reign of Terror
  • Anarchy
  • Fear
  • Knights of Death
  • The Unbreakables
  • Dead on Arrival
  • Followers of Malkov
  • Chivalry Legions
  • Collision
  • Shadow Elves
  • Divine Forces
  • Distortion
  • Noobs Incorporated
  • Rs Oblivion
  • The Blade Keepers


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