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Over the years there have been many ranks in WG, and of the hundreds of members that WildGuard has had over the years, a select few stand out as being Cornerstone members. The clan's ranks and the most influential members are as follows.

Current RanksEdit

Rank Portrait RuneScape Name Current Term Started
His Lordship

August 21st, 2008


December 12th, 2009

Raidmaster No Picture X_WARRIOR170
Raidmaster Vio Amesthst
Eventmaster No Picture Jesse Big D

Former RanksEdit

Ranks no longer used are:

  • Pre-Council system[1] (including Directors and Referees)
  • Council system (including Second in Command and Warlord)
  • Application Manager
  • Epic Graphics Designer
  • Historian
  • Moderator
  • Sector Leaders (Wilderness, Skills and Community)

Cornerstone MembersEdit

His LordshipEdit


His Lordship

His Lordship
, also known informally as Lordy, is the Primary Leader and Founder of the Wilderness Guardians.

In WildGuardEdit

His Lordship was the founder of the Wilderness Guardians on December 6th 2003, and has held the rank of Primary Leader (As well as serving as the Clan Herbalist in the early days) to the present day. He still holds full control over the clan, and in recent times has organised major wars, actively leads raids, and occasionally manages applications and other clan events and functions. His noteable actions have been production and management of the clan's Flash website, as well as production of war preparation videos. He is the manufacturer of the t-shirt, has attended all of the clan's Real Life meetings, is the composer of The Guardian Power, and much more.

On a few occasions, Lordy has temporarily resigned from leadership status for various reasons, generally due to real-life extremeties. It has been confirmed that he did join former WildGuard allies The British Elites after he departed from WG on June 25th 2008, following an issue with trial member Crucio01. TBE officials state that he did not complete the trial stage, and returned to WildGuard shortly after applying. Despite several of these discrepancies, has has remained the heart and driving force of the clan for 6 years and counting.

Lordy is recognised as the longest serving leader of any RuneScape clan alive today.



RSB avatar

Lordy was introduced to RuneScape by his brother Lord Xin around July of 2003. When creating a username, he wanted "My Lord", so that people would address him as such. The name was taken, and Lord Xin suggested "His Lordship" as an alternative. Lordy has expressed regret for this choice, although he was not expecting to lead a clan at the time. His early days consisted of several ventures into the wilderness which ended in inevitable death, and he had soon experienced the bullying, backstabbing and threatening way of life for PKers. To this day, Lordy is still a strong advocate of honour and Anti-Random Player Killing.

In 7 years, Lordy has had four permenant bans (Noteably for advertising the WG website in-game), all of which have been revoked. He has also been hacked twice. All of the bans were before the last chance appeal system was implicated, and His Lordship is the only known account to have survived four permenant bans during this era. He actively trains his account, and has three level 99 stats:

  • Attack (ganed September 29th 2008[2])
  • Defence (gained September 18th 2010[3])
  • Constitution (gained April 24th 2011[4])

He also owns a Flagstaff of Festivities.

In Real LifeEdit

Gene at Jagex

His Lordship at Jagex's Cambridge HQ, WG's 7th Real Life Meeting

In real life, Lordy is Eugene Marshall, or "Gene" for short. He was born on January 14th, 1988 (Age 22) in Malaysia, and has been residing in Perth, Australia for over 20 years. On October 16th 2008, he officially changed his name to Elias Sinclair Marshall for several months, but has since reverted to Eugene.

He is a teacher by profession, as well as a student at the University of Western Australia. He has travelled worldwide to several different countries for WG's Real Life meetings. As well as being skilled with Flash animation, he enjoys classical music and musical composition, film and weights training. He has composed music for TV and classical concerts, as well as WG-related compositions such as The Guardian Power.

In Jaunary 2009, Jagex released a position for an Audio Developer, which Gene applied for on February 6th (Meaning he was willing to move from Australia to Cambridge for the job). Unfortunately, the application was declined, but he was shortlisted for a role as a composer to collaborate with the audio engineers. Even so, he ultimately turned down the offer due to success in Perth. When Gene graduates, he has stated that he plans to move to Victoria, to launch his musical career.



Wildflame110's s6 forum avatar

Wildflame, also known as Matthew, started playing RuneScape in December of 2003, introduced by His Lordship, who was a real-life friend of his from high school. He was the thirteenth member on the clan's original AvidGamers forum, and was present at WG's first ever Raid.

Matt was one of five members (including Lordy) who made up the first Council of WG. He was elected on February 28th 2005 (the s4 era) alongside Palidore, Oaktownrules and Anincent. However, the Council rank had not been created at this point, so the four members were given the rank of Secondary Leader (His Lordship kept Primary Leader, despite being a member of the Council).

During his term, he attended WG's legendary first war against the Rune Outlaws on November 27th 2004. He was one of only three known people to film the legendary war, but is noted for backspace-logging out a few minutes into the fight. What little footage there is remaining was edited by WG Keanu and uploaded to YouTube five years after the war.

On December 20th 2004, Matt reported the death of renowned member Write2Brandy (Brendan) following receiving the news from Sainath and Srivatsa. Brendan's funeral was held, after which the Rune Outlaws insulted the grave site which led to WG declaring war upon RO for the second time. Matt was also known for temporarily suspending His Lordship for one day on April 12th 2005 to ensure his vacation.

Matt has shared involvement in many aspects of WG, including the choosing of the cape colour, the Noricle debate (See Rick Hamm on The Revolution), and the development of Descendant Guardians. It is also noteable that he came up with WG's motto, "We are the Shield of the Weak. This idea came from Tamora Pierce's Protector of the Weak series, which Matt changed "Protector" to "Shield". "Weak" was later changed to "Innocent" by Lordy. He also contributed to the creation of the clan's third Flash movie.

One of Matt's noteable contributions was helping to design the strategy for the legendary WG vs Dead on Arrival war. The war was renowned for being the first war to use the Ancient spellbook. The original plan was to use Ice Barrage - however Matt suggested the use of Smoke Barrage as well to reduce DoA members' combat stats, which a few WG members did.

Following WG's war with The Unbreakables in the early s10 era, Matt stepped down from leadership due to the pressures and demands of Council. He was replaced by Jesusislord6 and Jezzamon. He remained with the clan, but slowly decreased in activity until his retirement in late 2006. He re-intro'ed for WG on April 11th 2011, applied on April 26th and was accepted back into the clan on the 27th. At present, he remains an active member of the clan.

Rick HammEdit


Rick Hamm

Rick Hamm was the second Secondary Leader of WildGuard. He was elected following Sum41xx's resignation during the AvidGamers era on March 15th 2004. He is noted to have shared leadership of WG with His Lordship on April 27th, and on May 17th, his and Lord Xin's Co-Leaders Ceremony was held.

Rick was always against WG's involvement in the Federation, as he saw it as a way to deal with the bombardment from the more powerful clans. He claims that the Federation was created with very little thought, and it was his decision to remove WG from the syndicate on September 30th 2005.

Rick is also renowned for his affiliations with The Synergy and The Revolution. Synergy was a clan founded by Eragon Cd of WG and Maddmurdok on August 2nd 2004[5]. The WG history cites that Rick left WG entirely for the new clan, but returned after a few weeks. Rick says that this was done with the understanding that Synergy and WG would be allied. However, much of Synergy's strength was taken from WG, and the two clans became hostile for several months, although conflict was later resolved by Eragon and His Lordship, and an alliance began. Synergy is believed to have lasted four years, until their closure in 2008 following the removal of the Wilderness[6][7].

Rick's departure followed a comment made publicly by His Lordship concerning the USA during the s4 era. Rick, along with Noricle, formed The Revolution - a clan created for the sole purpose of killing WG. TR pulled over 40 members from WG within two weeks, and Rick cites that they had some of the highest ranking players in the game. TR became a strong and established clan, and reconciliation was attempted on March 16th 2005 - although negotiations failed, and WG and TR remained hostile. On March 22nd, TR disbanded.

Rick rejoined WG and was banned twice following TR. When the Hall of Shame was cleared in early 2010, he intro'ed for WG on November 15th 2010[8] upon his return to the game, and applied for membership the same day. He was accepted into the clan on November 16th[9]. He has stated concerning his return:

I guess the main reason I came back now was because I missed the game and the game really isn't fun without being in a clan. WG was my first clan and it was always the clan I came back to because it was what I am familiar with. That's not to say there aren't dillholes in this clan that I would love nothing more than verbally bitchslap back into reality, but I guess any clan has those. I've made life long friends with [His Lordship] and we understand each other more than one might think. Yeah, we may not agree on alot of things but the mutual respect is there enough.

Lord XinEdit


WG KeanuEdit


WG Keanu at WG's seventh real life meeting

WG Keanu, now known as DG Keanu, is the leader of the Descendant Guardians, and the former Historian of WildGuard. He holds the Outstanding Donor and Outstanding Contribution GuardianScores (the two rarest and most prestigious). Keanu started playing in Summer 2003, but only joined WG in October of 2009. From May of that year, he trained the new account WG_Keanu entirely from scratch to meet WG's requirements.

One of his first noteable works is his edit of Wildflame110's video of the WG vs Rune Outlaws - done five years after the war itself. Keanu is a veteran of both The Great War and The Battle of Turning Tides. For the Great War he made the forum banner and signatures, and for the Turning Tides he made the plaque and renowned video. He was also one of several WG members to be featured in the war's preparation video. Keanu also contributed to the production of WG's fourth and fifth Flash movies, and hosted the Summer Awards for 2010.

Keanu has attended two Real Life meetings - WG's fifth (Runefest) and seventh. A noteable fact is that during each meeting he has had a haircut paid for by Lordy. At Runefest, it was done as a bribe in return for a rank, for which Keanu chose the generic rank of "Historian". The rank is now recognised as a true element of the clan itself. His noteable works during the Historian period are his work on the clan Wiki, website (specifically the extended history and monthly image galleries with Samurai JM), past forum banners, and the "On This Day" script featured on the forums.

In January of 2011, following several disputes which occured during the Anniversary, Keanu and the staff collectively agreed it was best if he left WG for a while. He went on to form a new clan known as The Blade Keepers. However, due to the perceived nature of his leaving WG (following a suspension), hostilities broke out between WG and TBK, and a three-month rivalry ensured. This ended with the exodi Radiant and Colossus breaking off from TBK, and the clan's ultimate death. After a short period in Ascension, Keanu was re-invited back to WG, and was accepted back into the clan on May 23rd 2011. He re-graduated to the rank of Historian, but was shortly after appointed leader of DG, when they re-opened during The Reckoning on June 20th. He is the current serving Leader.


Back To OwnEdit


Flame ReeceEdit


Flame Reece

Flame Reece joined WG in the first few hours of its opening, being one of the first ten members. Since then, he has never left the clan (minus a one-day kick during a dispute with Rick Hamm), making him the longest-serving member of WG ever. He remains active with WG to date, currently holding the retired rank of Emeritus.

Despite the timespan, Reece rarely took on a serious role in the clan compared to other influential members, citing age as one reason. However, during the Hydro/Pyro era, he was promoted from Senior Member to Hydro Leader (or Future Hydro Leader), and then to Moderator once the scheme was abolished. He did run for council during the beginning elections, but missed out by a few votes. Reece would also regulary lead Raids, mainly the Australian Raid and sometimes the P2P Saturday/Sunday.

Reece was more of a theory person rather than practical in terms of support, as he would put in suggestions and play a major backbone in decisions (and challenging some). One example is during D-Day - Reece was present on TeamSpeak along with Kenshln attempting to persuade His Lordship that closing the clan was a rash decision, and that it would all end negatively. Following D-Day, Reece became fairly inactive, but still remained with the clan.

Reece has never given in to power-hungry people, which cost a few members their ranks in previous times. He has always been a strong advocate of fairness and hearing both sides of the story, which is what made WG and Anti-RPKing stand out to him, and one of the reasons why he has remained a loyal member to WG over the years.




Stokenut (center) with His Lordship (left) and Mark Gerhard (Mod MMG/Jagex CEO, right) - WG's 5th Real Life meeting (Runefest)

Stokenut, also known as Steve, first joined the syndicate in 2005, and has served four times as Council of WG, and once as Council of Descendant Guardians.

Steve first joined DG in mid-2005 as a level 75 (with 80 magic). DG closed several months later, and he was instantly moved into WG despite not meeting the 100+ combat requirement. Soon after training up to 100, he was promoted to Raid Leader alongside Kenshln, Apkaz, Scarface796 and a few others. This was during WG's peak in 2006 - when during the Summer they would be challenging the likes of Reign of Terror for the #1 P2P rank almost daily.

Upon DG's second re-opening, Steve was given Council alongside Georgio9, and Kenshln replaced his spot in the WG council via election. Steve was re-instated to WG council upon DG's second closure. He held his second term solidly - upon the aftermath of D-Day he remained the sole remaining Council member for two months.

In early 2007, Steve left to lead Fidelity with Draken Burst, a decision he now regrets. In late 2007 he rejoined WG and was elected to Council for the third time. This lasted for around two years, until he resigned and joined Damage Incorporated for six months. Steve was re-elected into Council for the fourth time on December 12th 2009 - this time taking the Warlord position. He served his fourth term for 5 months, and resigned for the final time on May 21st 2010, saying he felt WG was holding him back.

Since his resignation, he has become one of the most famous players in RuneScape - formerly holding rank #3 for Summoning and #1 for Dungeoneering (and was the first player to reach level 80). He is also a skilled boss hunter, having soloed the Corporeal Beast using a Rune spear, and being the first player alongside Woox16 to successfully duo Nex without bug abuse. He has over 12,000 subscribers on his official YouTube channel

Steve attended almost every major WG war since WG vs The BlacKnights. He is also a two-time Real-Life meeting attendee, having been present for WG's first and fifth.





TT DIED m8Edit


Kingrandy0, aka Airbender

Randy, now known as Airbender, joined WG on December 29th 2007. Having ran for Council three times and served twice, he is credited as one of WG's most dedicated and longest-serving leaders, as well as one of the most active members in the clan.

After an unsuccessful application in 2007, Randy was successfully elected to Council in 2008, and upheld the position for six months, stepping down when he felt it was his time to leave. At the encouragement of fellow clan-members, he ran again in March 2011. The start of the year was a rough time for WG, and the Council at the time (consisting of Randy, Rachellove9, KevCross and MEGAJAYSON) took the responsibility of almost complete management of the clan. Successful Council like themselves are remembered for giving their full dedication and support to WG, sometimes without recognition. Randy especially is credited for helping revive WG from the depressions in the early year.

Another notable fact is that he popularised non-PvP events (a major part of WG) with new inventions such as Campfire Stories, Zombie and Pokemon Battles. The Zombie event is now at the very heart of WG's non-PvP element. He also managed the WG Events Catalogue project, as well as many WG-related videos (including the WG vs Crimson Raiders war - a full-out fight for the Zybez RAW rank #10 and one of the most prominent wars of 2009).

Randy served his second term in Council until June 4th, at which point he resigned from the clan. WG Event Leader Ka t comments on his service:

Randy supported WG in our time of need. When we were going through a slump, other council members like Kevin, Jayson and himself stepped up and took charge of WG. With no recognition and no 'thank-you's when they stepped up and gave WG their all, I would like to personally thank them. Randy is known as one of the most active members ever in the Wilderness Guardians [and] really did help WG out of its slump(s) when our leader wasn't there to do so. He encouraged us when we needed encouraging. He fought along side of us, led wars, and made many friends during his stay in WG. He was one of our best tanks and we encourage him to continue on doing his best in future clans.



Held the rank of 'WG's longest serving council member' after serving for 16 months, until Rachellove9 overtook him.

Was promoted to WG staff after only two months in the clan in September 2007, and held a staff position until September 2010 when he stepped down to pursue real life commitments.


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