VoD Canvas

Our Current Motif

We may be best described as a social-skilling clan that occasionally organizes participation in events, distractions and mini-games such as Stealing Creation, Penguin Hunting, Questing, Dungeoneering and Bossing. Break-out sessions of this nature are encouraged among our members.

We have very few membership requirements:

  • Be Respectful: Our CC is a wonderful place to hang out and chat... don't be afraid to ask questions and get help if needed too. We have many experienced players that are willing and able to lend a hand. As we ask you to be kind to your fellow member, we ask the same of them to you!
  • Gather Resources: We want to build up the citadel and turn it into something that we are proud of. We expect all members to participate in this at least minimally.

Participation is not limited to gathering resources, we want each member to voice their opinions and offer their guidance as well! This is a very collaborative clan, so feel free to speak up!

We welcome Runescape Members of all levels and abilities, and we are looking for friendly individuals to join, so feel free to guest in the clan chat or PM one of us for an invite!

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