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November 2010

Many clans fail each year. This was not one of them.
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If you are looking for a fun gaming atmosphere along with kind mature people and limitless assistance, this is the clan for you. This clan has been active for nearly 2 years, but has many experienced clanning members and leaders. With weekly events, skilling assistance, and any other in-game help you need, this clan is here for you. Any knowledge of yours that you would like to add could also be appreciated by future or current members. We hope you will find what you are looking for with our clan.

Clan Chat
U Generation
Home World
P2P, 100+ cmb OR 90+ Mage and/or range
Jedathun, Nawtydogg, Garfunkling
Clan Colours & Cape
Blue and White, 22
Clan's Age
2 Years
# of Members
Clan Union
Forum QFC
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Clan HistoryEdit

Nearly 2 years ago, an old clan seperated leaving many of it's members dispatched. Soon after a group of trusting friends from this forgotten clan, joined together to make United Generation. Becoming close like a family, we soon had over 150 players all across the world with a common aim: A better Clan and RuneScape experience – not to be achieved through warfare and conflict, but through trusting in each other.

99 Fishing Party

We're a group of friends from all over the world and have created this clan to provide only the best for our fellow gamers. Bound together by friendship, we are a United Generation!

For the full history of our clan, visit here

Clan InformationEdit

Clan leaders: Argosy and ILikeNurses

Clan Chat Name: U Gen

Home World: World 58

Time Zone: Worldwide (Event times are based off Central U.S.or 11pm est and Australia Gmt-10)

Warring ladder: N/A

Clan Union: TDC

Average Combat: 113

Average Overall: 1659

Clan Colours: Red & White

Forum QFC: 92-93-522-61974392


Clan Websites:


  • Must have a Combat Level of 100 or higher or have 90 range or mage
  • Must be P2P (Members)

Clan RulesEdit

( NOTE: Please obey all rules. We are playing this game for fun and entertainment, not drama.)

  • All Jagex rules still apply
  • No Multi-clanning unless doing an event(minigame and pk clans are an exception)
  • Join the Clan Chat whenever possible
  • No fighting in Clan! This includes insults, racial slurs, and ethnic/religious demeaning! (Any fighting will result in loss of rank and/or being kicked from Clan.)
  • No begging for rank (You must EARN it!)


*(All recruits will have a 2 week probation and will then be promoted)

Friends: Smiley Face = Friends of Clan

Recruit: 1 Stripe = On Probation*

Corporal: 2 Stripes = Member

Sergeant: 3 Stripes = Dedicated Member

Lieutenant: Bronze Star = Loyal Trustee

Captain: Silver Star = Leader's Assistant

General: Gold Star = Clan Leader

To raise in rank, you will have to:

  • Obey all Rules
  • Attend as many events as possible
  • Assist others
  • Recruit people
  • Loyalty to clan
  • Follow any other requirements such as Website and Clan Home World usage.


Our current Allies:

  • Aus Conquest (QFC: 87-88-577-60304776)
  • Eternal Alliance (QFC: 87-88-89-60857987)
  • The Trojan Empire (QFC: 87-88-387-61389217)
  • All Skills United (QFC: 93-94-332-60469891)
  • Archangels (QFC:92-93-509-60358294)
  • Myrimidons (QFC: 135-136-380-59925298)
  • SVHG Army (QFC: 92-93-972-60948092)
  • The Army of Immortals (QFC: 87-88-357-61088455)

Want to become one of our alllies? Contact Us

Note: We currently do not have official enemies.


We are no longer an official warring clan. We do though do multiple Activities a week and this includes doing Clan Wars. If you would like to war us please go to our thread on the forums (QFC is noted above) and fill in a war application.


Main article: Clan:United_Generation/Members

We currently have over 130 active and an extra 20 semi-active members within United Generation. We also have members highscores which involve the top 4 UG clan members in every skill. We have a wide range of different types of players with some of our members in the top 1000 RuneScape official ranked highscores.


Main article: Clan:United_Generation/Events

United Generation holds an official clan event atleast once a day (times vary). Official Clan events (PvM, PvP, Meetings) are for clan members only unless specified otherwise. Different events depend on who's online to see if it is a PvM event or an activity. There are also non-official events held by members in the clan (not held by the clan itself) which means anyone is allowed to these.


Contact UsEdit

Feel free to PM (private message) any of the Leaders, Assistant Leaders or Loyal Trustees or post a message on the Runescape Forums about any problems, questions or inquries you may have. Our clan chat is always open and always has someone in it to help you out. Feel free to post on our Website forums.

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