United Federation of Knights

A clan open to everyone, including skillers. Unlike some clans, there is no combat level or skill requirement to join. However, not everybody has the same privileges, which you will learn more about later. The United Federation of Knights is dedicated to maintaining an active and friendly community, while keeping a formidable military presence.


'WAR!!! 'The clan Kaiser Blade led by ZeroStrikr has declared war on us. We will of course, respond with force. Kaiser Blade has insulted, threatened, and berated the United Federation of Knights. Let us show them who they are dealing with!

How to JoinEdit

To join, either:

1. Email me at:

2. Join the cc farcrusader and ask to join.

3. Message me ingame, my username is Farcrusader.


1. No spamming in the CC.

2. No flame wars in the CC.

3. Do NOT cuss. (Words that aren't censored are allowed)

4. Disobeying an order from a superior officer is considered an act of treason and will be punished.


There are two types of clan members. Citizens, and non-citizens. Citizens have served in the military for at least 2 months. Although you are free to serve longer than 2 months, 2 months is the minimum time you have to serve to become a citizen. Citizens have the rights to vote for members of the council, and are more privileged in that their suggestions or complaints will be given first priority.

The CouncilEdit

The council is consisted of 10 people, put in power by citizens through voting. The council is not yet active, so for now i, Farcrusader and two others will govern the clan.

The Clan AnthemEdit

Every clan should have an anthem, eh? Ours is "It's a Good Day to Die" sung by Omar Anoke in the movie Starship Troopers 3.


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