The room was dark, the two thieves, Raven and Nature were looking around in the chests...Raven hit something, making a loud noise, thought both of them noticed it not. A Varrock theif went to check what's going on in the hold, he took a lantern and looked around, and the light lit up the room. He looked, and found them both, they killed him. The other thieves came in as they spotted them trying to run, with their agility and intelligence, Nature and Raven were able to get out, but not evade the thieves. The thieves pursued them, until they lost them at the Varrock Museum, the heavily guarded place. Many of the thieves were caught, and few went back to their hideout...Raven and Nature placed the loot at the bank, and went off at the bank dungeon, and they were ambushed, the thieves put out the torches and lanterns...And heavy noise of fighting. Sudden silence...Raven and Nature were alive, Nature put up light, and at their feet were 5 dead thieves, Raven and Nature had unleashed their hidden blades, and killed them all. They were unhurt...

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Channelowner iconFounders:
Ravenius, Nature15
Whose clan chat?
Home Worlds
Special uniforms?
Anything, as long as it is stealthy.
Minimum combat requirement
Level Requirement?
F2P= Varrock bank underground P2P= Rogue's Den
Direct Democracy by default. Dictatorship during theft/war missions.
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