Want to join this clan here are the requirements:


addy or mith armour rune if higer than 40

addy scimmy +

10 fishing

can survive in the wildy

Base:Edgeville, ozaichs house

we supply runes for wildy trips and pickaxes, fishing equipment, arrows etc.

world:49, we will discuss and kill.

quick chat only to join please contact cainer0945 in game or cjhomboy369 preferably on world 49



assistant head cjhomboy369

kicker lowrider 57


no swearing, spamming

always share the drops

do not kill each other for fun on pvp unless you are testing whose stronger

always help others if they're about to die and it is a double zone

if someone dies cainer0945 (me) can only use quick chat so cjhomboy369 will send a runner to pick up the person who died and take them to where we are while who stays will take turns repairing the gravestone

and lastly the team cape is 16

if you can not find anyone in-game post here

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